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Anne Frank graffiti street art on the NDSM wharf - Name is Let me be meself - On bike tour unusual Amsterdam with local guides Lex and the City
Anne Frank graffiti street art on the NDSM wharf – It’s name is “Let me be myself”.

Guided offbeat tours of Amsterdam by a passionate local private guide, who’s educational background is international tourism management. Local out of the box tour creator, organizer and sporty guide on foot, bike, footbike and inline skates for small private groups.

Join that private tour guide on a surprising unusual tour in Amsterdam. Go for that local style. And head with your city guide for the unexpected, for hidden gems and also for highlights in the capital of the Netherlands.

Unusual city tours in tempting Amsterdam and active countryside excursions above the capital.

Guided Bike tour to Zaanse Schans over the kissing couple XXXL - Lex and the City tours
XXXL Kissing Couple + rolling guide

This Amsterdam private guide web page gives you insight into the ways you can take advantage of my specialties, experience, (off-the-beaten-path side) preferences and qualities in the tempting dutch capital and in it’s surroundings: North-Holland.

I invite you to enjoy these rather unusual tours. And it is indeed again allowed (and a pleasure) to show groups (or couples) Amsterdam and tell you corresponding stories about this compelling city.

Lex van Buuren, local private tour guide from tempting Amsterdam (and its countryside)

recent customer reviews Amsterdam private tours 


Lex and the City with free publicity in well-known media with offbeat private guided tours.

In 2022 Lex has been guiding around National Geographic Traveler in the eastern part of Amsterdam.
Check out the article:

Even an article in the Sunday Times. With our offbeat Amsterdam scooter tours. < < <Lex and the City scooting experiences, the only Amsterdam experience present in Sunday Times Magazine: “Six of the best unusual city tours“.  1. The traveltext about this unusual Lex and the City tour

2. The whole article (paid)

(The Lex and the City private footbike / scooter tours still take place by the way; also in French yes.) Lex and the City is tourism professional in other parts of the Netherlands as well: on our Eleven Cities inline skate-tour The Washington Post published an A3-article:Free publicity in the Washington Post for the Lex and the City skate label, called Skate-A-Round

Our former “inline adventure” with our skate brand Skate-A-Round in Barcelona was covered by the Guardian. (In 2006 already.)
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Local guide on French national television telling about the hidden gems of Amsterdam

French-speaking guide Amsterdam on TF1 8 O’clock news with an interview. August 2020:

Private tours Amsterdam: 5 specialties.

Five things that distinguish me and the tours in the capital of the Netherlands: The Lexperience top-5

  1. French speaking guide Amsterdam (I speak 4 languages ​​very well by the way: English, German and Dutch as obviously well.)
  2. Customized experiences (f-Lex) Also for people with disabilities in a wheelchair. High-end.
  3. Unusual Amsterdam experiences: off the beaten track. Like exploring trendy Noord. And: with out of the box style guiding.
  4. Active and sustainable (green) tours. (And sporty; if you prefer that.)
  5. Private off the beaten track excursions above Amsterdam, such as a tulip bike tour, biking to Zaanse Schans and a Texel tour on wheels.
Private personalized tour in Amsterdam on the bike with Lex and the City tours.
Private custom-made tour in Amsterdam on the bike? It is a yes.


Page en français | Deutsche Seite | Nederlandse pagina


Private bike tours: 5 Amsterdam biking (L) experiences for groups

Local guide in Amsterdam with unusual bike tours in town and in the area around
Press the picture for our dedicated bike tours Amsterdam (and above) page.

Private city bike-tours and off the beaten path experiences above Amsterdam as well.

Lex and the City private bike-guides speaking French, German, English and/or Dutch Press the picture with the windmill for our dedicated “Private bike tours Amsterdam” page.

Off the beaten track bike excursions above Amsterdam

Zaanse Schans with loads of mills, cheese and clogs above Amsterdam- Picture by Lex and the City private bike tours
The entry of the Zaanse Schans; just 20K above Amsterdam. You want to see it like that? Visit it Sunday Morning after breakfast time. (Yes, immediately. Be anti-cyclic.)

We can take you on a bike day trip to Waterland, Marken, Broek and Monnickendam. Starting at a bike shop near yourhotel.  Me as a private tour guide for one day. Appr. 55K of biking. Relaxed pace.

New page about the private tulip excursion by bike above Amsterdam; one hour by train from the capital. North-Holland North. This is the unknown and largest (yes!) bulb & flower area of the Netherlands above Amsterdam. It is cheaper and more relaxed.

Or a unusual private guided bike excursion to the Zaanse Schans. Enrich your Lexperience by enjoying the area between Amsterdam and the Zaanse Schans by bike.

3rd private bike tour option above Amsterdam: daytrip Texel island, starting by car, minivan or train in Amsterdam. Other countryside Lex and the City bike day trips, like Waterland-East, to Zandvoort beach and along river Amstel. Lex and the City: the local who goes left where others go right.

An excursion to the tulips and bulbs north of the capital. With Lex and the City tours
Picture by Pennings Bulbs from Breezand

Guiding in Amsterdam during international events. 

(Like SAIL 2025)

Local tour for hen parties on private green electric boat on the Amsterdam canals
Local private tour during SAIL 2025 on the Amsterdam canals.
Australian small group visiting the dutch F1 GP and then private bike tour with Lex and the City passing by chalk windmill Amsterdam North.
Australian group visiting the dutch 2022 F1 GP and the day after doing a private guided bike tour with Lex and the City, passing by chalk mill in Amsterdam Noord.


Experience Amsterdam with exclusive and customized tours. (Like an incentive)

Customized experiences built within exclusive tours in Amsterdam. Explore the capital of the Netherlands with Lex and the City. Press on the picture to learn more about the opportunity to shape your incentive.

Restaurant with a view and a story in the unknown Amsterdam - Exclusive option for incentive or inviting your best customer - Lex and the City custom experiences
Press on the picture of this exclusive venue in Amsterdam for custom corporate incentive experiences


Private boat tour | Example of a guided company event starting from the windmill on the edge of East Amsterdam

Press on the picture for an impression and group review of this tailor-made sailing experience in Amsterdam on the canals and the rivers IJ and Amstel for EY. (It was for 65 persons, with 3 boats.)

Customized boat tour starting in East Amsterdam with local guides from Lex and the City for EY Ernst & Young - May 2019
Custom boat tour starting in East Amsterdam with the private guides from Lex and the City for EY Ernst & Young – May 2019

Amsterdam private walking tour along highlights:


What moment to meetup with your private guide AMS?

I would propose as early as possible during you stay, as you can use the inspiration of the tour to make plans for afterwards without me. After breakfast is a good time by the way.

Adding local value to third parties like DMC’s, tour operators, agencies and hotels.

Unusual tour Amsterdam to the Amsterdam Light Festival with Lex and the City
Photo: Tour guide Tijs de Boer

I would like to guide even more tours in Amsterdam in the upcoming months. :) For example, unusual group tours in French. Because of my history as a private guide, tourism student and guide in France, the French-speaking market is my language specialization here in Amsterdam.

Except for individuals and groups I have indirect customers. That can also be a Dutch company that has foreign colleagues coming over. Or an event agency. Of course also a DMC. Maybe a bicycle tour provider. Or a tour for the guests of a hotel. Guides for a tour operator. A colleague guide can also look for an enthusiastic guide because his or her group is too large for themselves.

In addition to tourist groups, I also like company outings, staff outings or a tour for a school or university. (And I have a lot of private tour guide experience in the city. ) The role of tour manager suits me too. Are you a travel agency? Question about your customer: is it their 1st time visit? (I try to find out if I should focus more on the highlights or more on the unusual Amsterdam.)

In the following paragraphs you will read about my motivation and passion, 25 years of experience in Amsterdam and Paris and the international tourism courses that I have completed and completed in France, England and the Netherlands.

Experience as an organizer in Amsterdam | International training in tourism | 4 languages | International tour guiding

Lex van Buuren, lokale toeristische gids van Lex and the City in Amsterdam-Oost, hier in kerstsfeer bij het West-Indisch huis.
Lex at the West Indian House; wonderful place to be with tourist groups. (Dec-2018)

In addition to English, I speak French, German and Dutch. I have my international tourism management diplomas in both the Netherlands (NHTV Breda) and then also in England and France . (DESS Tourisme Bac + 5, at the Université de Savoie in Chambéry.)

Experience? Yes, Lexperience in my case. For the past 25 years, I have regularly been both a private tour guide and (often sporty) international guide. “Lexperiences” ahead as a tourist guide and tour leader in Cahors, Canet Plage, Mimizan, Nice, Saint-Jean de Luz and Paris. I have accompanied hundreds of different tours in Paris and in Amsterdam. (Lex has been living in both towns.)

I have been guiding in Amsterdam since 2005. International Tour groups. In Paris I have guided and told stories on the street since 1998. On inline skates, bike and walking. In the city of lights I have hired boats on the river Seine for mainly company events & teambuilding outings.

For French local tourism companies, Lexposure, the online marketing part of Lex and the City, also has (online) storyteller services as well: SEO copywriting and social media creation in Dutch.

Private tour guide for bachelorette sportive activities. Unusual tour Amsterdam like foot biking - Lex and the City! ;)
Passing by Rembrandt Velazquez Rijkmuseum with the group. (Unusual Bachelorette party)

French-speaking private guide who started in Paris and now provides local tours in Amsterdam: 1st specialty

Review of a French family  and a photo with a smile; February 2019:
Guide locale francophone à Amsterdam - Lex van Buuren est guide local et il parle Français
This photo on Rembrandtplein was taken during a private guided tour in French by Lex. He is 2nd from the left in the photo. Otherwise, click on the photo to see who is on Rembrandt’s head. ;)

This French family from Limoges sent Lex the photo by MMS afterwards. Accompanied by the short review below of the guided tour that started at their 5* Pestana Hotel in the Pijp and ended at the Waag on the Nieuwmarkt. (As well a place where Rembrandt played a role in history.)

Now for the review text that was attached to the picture MMS : Avec nos remerciements pour cette agréable visite. Bonne journée. Famille Mxxxx. Finally: local private guide Amsterdam Lex was asked for this tour by Amsterdam Odyssey, specialist in tailor-made high end tours in Amsterdam and partner of various five-star hotels .

Amsterdam East: an area specialty as organizer of city tours

Great starting point for getting to know the unexplored as well.

Free publicity about Lex and the City being local private guide in Amsterdam East
Free publicity for Lex and the City as the storyteller in Amsterdam East. (3 pages! march 2019)

My 2nd specialty, if you like my 2nd USP, in addition to the French language, are private guided tours in East Amsterdam. Lex van Buuren is a local; he lives in Amsterdam East. Google also knows that, because Lex and the City is very easy to find concerning search terms with “Amsterdam East” included.

Go for the 1 hour offbeat private walk (or bike tour) in Amsterdam East, intended for the busy business traveler who has limited time.The tailor made experience starts from your hotel. East Amsterdam is a typical part of Amsterdam for an offbeat tour for private groups. Lex and the City, organizer of private city tours in Amsterdam, has been located here for a long time already.

The storyteller of Amsterdam-East is telling stories on the web as well; as a blogger and for local companies being their online content marketer.

Hotspot for start private boat trip | In East AMS | unusual tour Amsterdam | Molen de Gooyer | Kop van Oost
Local private guide Lex sitting with a group of expats in front of the city windmill. Great spot for the start of your private boat trip over the canals.

Starting in East Amsterdam is great for a unusual Amsterdam private boat tour as well. We have nice route of 2 hours passing by a lot of highlights with your group. (Or we make one tailor made) I think the new terrace at Kop van Oost is very cool for the start of private boat trip. (Next to our only city windmill; Molen de Gooyer.)

We have been sitting there lately with a group of Internations expats for which I have organized a tour as well. (Chk the picture; me on the right.)


The 3rd Unique Selling Point: corporate footbiking / scooter private tours for companies and business people.

Step mee in Amsterdam-Noord met Lex and the City
Lex and the City organized the coporate event “footbiking on heels and in suits” for an Amsterdam business club. In the Vondelpark. June-2011.

The big child with the international tourism management diploma and great love for moving in the city is fond about footbiking. And this private tour guide has now shared that passion with many people on the streets in Amsterdam. (Even with known ones.). It fits very well within the Lex and the City company mission. The page about footbiking | scooting in Amsterdam being a private corporate activity Amsterdam. This incentive tour page even contains a Youtube clip of the “business seduction footbike tour”.

The 4th USP: Private tour guide Amsterdam and mobile 80’s and early 90’s “in the mix” | During boat tours

French-speaking guide (as well) AND DJ at private boat tour event in Amsterdam - For companies and other groups
Dancing on the boat in the neighbourhood of Amsterdam, after dinner.

During a company event on a private boat in and around Amsterdam I have discovered the need for a combination of a DJ with lounge music before and during dinner and dance music music after. While telling small entertaining stories about Amsterdam in-between. Read more about this unusual “in the mix role” (guide + DJ on the water) on the Lex and the City guided private boat Amsterdam page with customized tours. (To be found by pressing the picture with the group on the boat.)⇓


USP bonus track: french-speaking private skating instructor Amsterdam

(The 6th USP for outings in Mokum is, by the way, is a Private inline skating lesson in Amsterdam . It does not fit completely within the format of this page, so we count it halfway. Together 5,5 specialties in the field of guides and tours in Amsterdam. )


Sporty Amsterdam Bachelorette | Hen Party with that out of the box local private tour guide.

Private local tour guide Tijs in the Jordaan on footbike with bachelor hen party for women. Lex and the City Tours
Private tour Amsterdam Tijs in the Jordaan on footbike with bachelor hen party for women. Lex and the City takes care.


Rates for 2024 for unusual & highlights tours in surprising Amsterdam.

Steppen onder het Rijksmuseum door met de groep - Rondleiding Vondelpark, Oud-Zuid met de musea, de villa's en de Pijp
Footbiking under the Rijksmuseum

These are the rates for guiding, creating and molding the customized private tour / outing in Amsterdam. They are excluding other costs like rentals and drinks.
Discounts are possible on the rates mentioned. Provided there is a good reason for it.

We speak German, French and Dutch as well.

Call or E-mail that local private tour guide for an Amsterdam Lexperience:

+31655337726 | [email protected]

IJburg Amsterdam-Oost, waar mensen hun eigen ontwerp huis kunnen kiezen
Special architecture in unusual Amsterdam East; IJburg – Hidden Gems of surprising AMS.

Volunteer during heritage day | Open Monuments weekend Amsterdam

Volunteer during Heritage Day Amsterdam | Open Monuments day 2020 at sewing windmill "De Otter" in Amsterdam West: French-speaking tour guide Amsterdam and volunteer Lex van Buuren and collegue.
Private tours in Amsterdam focus on hidden gems. Like this unknown windmill.

A great way of (Le)xpanding my knowledge and network regarding the unknown Amsterdam, is being volunteer during the heritage days. (Open Monuments weekend) It takes place once a year. I have been guide volunteer at the following historic sites:

As a result of these volunteer activities in Amsterdam, I was offered the opportunity by the organization to participate in the following enriching heritage activities:

Contact with local private tour company Lex and the City: online and offline (tea time?)

Tramstop bij tram 14 met beeltenis van Johan Cruijff Halte Javaplein - Foto voor Lex and the City voetbal rondleiding in Amsterdam Oost - Een Lexperience
Even this tram stop in Indische Buurt is a hidden gem.. ;)

I’d love to discuss the outing and the route over a cup of tea with you in your office or in a public place. I gladly offer that to you als an extra, in my case Lextra, service.

We can also discuss outings with more local guides Amsterdam; I have a network of quality people. These city guides also have a good experience and will make it an interesting time during your private walking tour, guided boat trip, private guided bike tour Amsterdam or footbike tour in “Mokum”. (= nickname of AMS)

I even have a small network of French-speaking tour guides. +31655337726 | [email protected]

Private walking tours focusing on the highlights are possible as well. Hotels in the oldest part of town are perfectly located for Rembrandt theme kind of highlights. The Rembrandt House, Hotel de Doelen and de Waag are then sort of around your hotel and team up to a 1st theme already. A 1/2 day private walking tour is possible as well.

Development of new unusual bike tour concepts for Lex and the City: the 9 garden villages within Amsterdam. (In the North):

Guided tour in Amsterdam North (“Noord”)

Direct customers for private tours: the groups (or individuals) themselves

Rondleidingen op maat in Amsterdam vinden ook plaats in de winter

To tour operators, DMC’s, event agencies  and bike shops I ask:

Large tour groups for Amsterdam: our standing point and policy

Malle Jaap - de Montelbaanstoren - maakt deel uit van de Stadswandeling Amsterdam; op zoek naar de roots van Rembrandt en de VOC
Sight at Montelbaanstoren: Nickname: Silly Jaap

Taking a lot of persons to a restaurant or nightclub (and join them)  by 1 person is no problem. However for tours in the street with let’s say 40 persons at the same time, you’d need 5 local AMS guides.(5 groups from 8) The good news about that is, that you are then able to offer them different themes. For example, depending on their experience with Amsterdam. Or depending on what kind of means of transportation they’d like. (bike, footbike, skate, walking.)


Lex van Buuren doet een praatje in het Vondelpark, samen met de wethouder van Amsterdam Oud-West
French-speaking private tour guide Lex van Buuren in suit on skates speeching during 15 years of Friday Night Skate – Vondelpark Amsterdam. (With the Alderman of the City Counsel on the left.)

Ten qualities of Lex and the City private tours
in Amsterdam and North Holland

Lex van Buuren als assistent host in het Amstel Hotel. Graag wil hij terugkeren hier als DJ Lextase. :)

We are (F)lexy and we know it. ;)

All Lex and the City Amsterdam services and experiences in English on one page.

Local French-speaking tour guide Lex and the City with offbeat walks, tailor-made private boat tours, inline skating adventures, corporate scooter tracks and unusual bike tours in Amsterdam.

All the things I am not-, do not- and cannot do- as a tour guide (a lot! :p )

Well, what can I say? What I am & do:
I am a rather sporty local tour guide focusing on the Amsterdam who loves to take small groups of people on bike & footbikre & skate tours above Amsterdam as well.

And that’s it.

All the things I am not-, do not- and cannot do- as a tour guide:

Middelburg and Veere? I lived and worked there for 20 months but could not guide there.
Arnhem? Kroller-Muller Museum & Park? I like it pretty much, but guiding? No, not me.
Rotterdam? Keukenhof? I am probably that one guide who is NOT guiding there… (However I do know the Mini-Keukenhof in Anna Paulowna! Maybe in the future…I love the bulbs area above Schagen…my thing.)
Large groups not split up into smallwer ones? Too large for us. :p
Spanish? Tengo qué aprender español.
Volendam? Nice, but not my thing as a guide at least. (The exception: passing by while touring on the bike or inline skate.)

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