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Guided Bike tour to Zaanse Schans over the kissing couple XXXL - Lex and the City toursWe have set ourselves the goal of further expanding the number and quality of unusual tours & experiences while touring in Amsterdam.
Both different sites as well as alternative means of moving in the city. Including checking out that new Amsterdam, full of architecture!
In our communication online we do that as well, and of course as local guides and organizers of so-called unexpected Lexperiences.
We have even made to the National Geographic. (free publicity)

Off the beaten track in Amsterdam city
: to emerging neighborhoods on differentiating means. And looking for hidden gems. 

We also use uncommon and active means to explore the city. Such as the footbike (also known as a scooter) and inline skates. (We also go touring by bike with groups; in combination with unusual corners of the Dutch capital.)

Unknown makes unloved and that is why we promote the other and sometimes unique Amsterdam. Unusual Amsterdam tours contain hidden gems and a different way of getting around the city.

Unusual tour in Amsterdam - Scooter tour for private groups - Lex and the City
Footbiking (instead of biking this time) in Amsterdam with a family on Sunday Morning. (June, 2022) An example of an unusual Amsterdam tour.

Top 10 of unusual Amsterdam tours (At least ours)

Top-10 lists with the highlights of Amsterdam can be found in many places. Now an alternative top 10 follows: that of the atypical Amsterdam for corporate purposes or leisure groups: ⇓

REM-eiland in de Houthavens in Amsterdam-West aan 't IJ. Hier werden vroeger uitzendingen op zee verzorgd door Radio Noordzee.
REM island, within the new to discover area of Amsterdam, called “Houthavens”. Picture taken by the local guide during the Corona crisis. On the footbike, which is unusual as well. (2020)


  1. The Eastern Docklands; a surprising area, where the water is always nearby. This eastern port area (literally translated from Dutch) is full of architecture, watersides, converted warehouses, space and…. nicknames!
  2. Footbiking, also for corporate groups visiting tempting Amsterdam.
  3. The Marine terrain, core of our new sustainable bike tour.

    The Eastern Docklands with it's self building housing project. People could choose their own style. Yes that is unusual Amsterdam as well
    The Eastern Docklands with it’s self building housing project. People could choose their own design.

  4. The course tour. A private and active city experience with stops to communicate an item of your workshop.
  5. De Indische Buurt (Indian neighborhood) Amsterdam East in general in fact is a Lex and the City unusual specialty since 5-6 years. 
  6. The NDSM-wharf, hip and happening and accessible wit a free ferry. It is in Amsterdam North and this the place where we guide pretty much since about 3 years.
    The raw and recycled side of the NDSM Wharf with the Trammeland trams and the Crane Hotel - Picture by Lex and the "Noord" tours
    The raw and recycled side of the NDSM Wharf with the Trammeland trams and the Crane Hotel.


  7. Inline skating in the city (including mini workshops) It is the root of what we are now. This is how we have started “differently” in August 1998. Get yourself inspired on our Youtube channel @unusualamsterdam.
  8. Unusual, sometimes even unique attractions, sights, restaurants, café’s, while touring in “Mokum”, nickname of Amsterdam.
  9. A guided football tour in Betondorp and Park de Meer, Amsterdam East (including famous Johan Cruijff items)
  10. One hour tours in Amsterdam East for busy business travelers, for example a small bike tour on that attractive Jetty Island (on the archipelago IJburg, East Amsterdam.) One hour bike tours are pretty unusual, so it is not a surprise we do offer that experience here.

Unique and even binding view (together!) over tempting Amsterdam

The pic shows a swing where you sit side by side on the 20th floor, (on the roof!) looking out over the river 't IJ and the Amsterdam. - A'dam Tower
The picture shows the view from a swing where you sit side by side on the roof above the 20th floor looking out over tempting Amsterdam.


For your special interest tour: The West India House with café New Amsterdam. It is the place where, what is now New York, was created on the drawing board by the Dutch.

Peter Stuyvesant imagineerde in de 5e dimensie Nieuw Amsterdam. Dat deed hij in het West-Indisch Huis. Daar kwam de nederzetting Manhattan uit. Pas later werd het New York. |
Peter Stuyvesant imagined New Amsterdam. He did so in the West India House. Out of that came the settlement of Manhattan. Only later did it become New York.

An additional unusual Amsterdam experience in the heat of the summer of 22: bike & swim

An example of a Lex and the City cycling route in the unusual Amsterdam (one way). Along non-touristy places. ⇓

Fietstocht in ongebruikelijk Amsterdam met lokale privé gids - Het actieve deel van een vrijgezellenuitje voor vrouwen - Met Lex and the City Lexperiences - Augus Hier in Oost bij Mediamatic
Hen’s party towards a relative unknown part of Amsterdam: the Marine terrain!. By bike. (Summer of 2021)

That different Amsterdam by bike with Lex and the City, starting in the Indian quarter and via the trendy Czaar Peterstraat, the Eastern Docklands, and (view of) the Marine terrain and then towards North.

There we explore the Overhoeks district together with the A’DAM tower and the EYE film museum, then two different types of garden villages in Amsterdam-North, then the triggering sustainability projects of Buiksloterham and finally the still quite rough NDSM Wharf. Then take the ferry to the Pontsteiger. Cool one way bicycle track of almost 20 km.

Spring: Flower bulb fields tour above Amsterdam

Are you looking for an unusual flower bulb tour above Amsterdam?
Or you just want to check out some beautiful pictures of tulip fields and other flowers in North-Holland from the bulb supplier? Thank you Pennings from Breezand for the photos.
Well..just click the picture here. (and contact Lex and the City.)

Flower Bulb field above Amsterdam by Lex and the City - Picture from Pennings Breezand
Unusual flower bulb tour above Amsterdam by Lex and the City – Click the picture – Picture from Pennings Breezand (thank you, “dank je wel”)

Free publicity for our unusual tours in Amsterdam East in the National Geographic

Hier de Javastraat in Amsterdam Oost. Een SEO tekstschrijver met specialisatie citymarketing maakt en publiceert foto's van de stad.
Javastraat in the Indian Neighborhood, Amsterdam East. Picture by Lex and the City guide.

March 2019 Lex and the City had a large article (3 pages) about that unusual tour Amsterdam of Lex and the City in the Indonesian Neighborhood | East Amsterdam in a well-known magazine that is distributed throughout Amsterdam.

And more recent, December 2022: covered in National Geographic as the local expert for Amsterdam East:


Is an attractive unusual tour the same for everyone?  

I can take you to loads of places. After all, that is the reason you have found Lex and the City.  I hit the streets everyday looking for new stuff. It is the nature of the beast.

However…. if your group ,embers have little or no previous experience in Amsterdam, they probably would like to be welcomed with triggers they think about when thinking about Amsterdam.
The off-the-beaten-path output will come from me showing you hidden gems in the well-known part of our great town. And my out of the box approach.

Who’s the creator of those triggering experiences in Amsterdam? Get a picture of the local private guide

Unusual Amsterdam local tour guide, being and acting slightly different as well. - cycling on inline skates on a DJ bike.
Unusual Amsterdam private local tour guide, being and acting slightly different as well. – Here cycling on inline skates on a DJ bike next to river IJ in Amsterdam North.

About that out of the box local private  tour guide Amsterdam: press on the picture.
(I focus on the unusual Amsterdam; I even live in it.)

Hidden gem in that other Amsterdam: Western Islands


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(Mini Blog, February 2024) Just finished my first private unusual 3H bike tour in French here of the season. I got the feeling I also had the 1st 3-4 weeks on the Université de Savoie in Chambéry: slight headache of talking, tired and happy at the same time. :) Yes 1st timer in French of the season means going out of the comfortzone. I start my day with my own playlist of favorite French dance hits on Spotify. (And I actually sing (and dance) before the tour! :p )

“if you focus on the known, you get the known. If you focus on the unknown, you create a possibility.”
dr. Joe Dispenza

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