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This is Lex van Buuren. He is creator, organizer, and local guide of custom tours in Amsterdam. His local company is called Lex and the City.This page is about an unusual private tulips-, daffodils- & hyacinths -fields cycling Tour in North-Holland; a full-of-flowers experience above Amsterdam. Visit the largest flower park in the world. (Without queuing)
Private bulb tour in North-holland; above Amsterdam. For small-scale, demanding groups all over the world! (Lex and the City acts unusual, as usual.) Also possible as inline skate tour or scooter tour.


The lovely bulb fields above Amsterdam. The Netherlands. Lex and the City loves it.
This is… a 100% real picture, OK? ;) Yes, it is so true! Picture by Pennings Bulbs in Breezand


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Private bike trip to the dutch flower bulbs on the top of North Holland.

The combination of Amsterdam and the flower bulb fields above (on wheels) is great.
This is an unusual dutch tulip (and other flowers) bike tour, possibly with the island of Texel included as “a tasty dessert”.

The top of North-Holland, the world’s single biggest flower bulb field,  has (even more) potential for fun sporty tourist trips for international groups!

Most people, most tourists have not even considered going to this massive dutch tulip mekka. ;) You could call it a very large hidden gem in the Netherlands.
Follow your active private guide for Amsterdam and above; Lex and the City.

The northern part of the province North Holland enjoys the greatest amount of sunny hours in the Netherlands on average. (Source:

Go enjoy the tulip bike tour above Amsterdam in spring! :) (half march —-> the beginning of may.)

We are (f)Lexy and we know it.

Ce page en français | Deze pagina in NL 


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Tulips ‘Backpacker’ 2 days ago. A nice double tulip. #tulipbackpacker #penningstulips #tulips #latefloweringtulips #penningsmay #tulpen #laatbloeiendetulpen #May #2019

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The tulip tour above Amsterdam by bike | appr. 40 km

During the unusual tulip bike tour Holland we could speak French, German, English and Dutch very well.
And on the scooter |  footbike or on inline skates the tulip tour above Amsterdam is possible as well.

cycling along bulb fields in North Holland with that private bike guide from Lex and the City
Picture by Pennings Bulbs in Breezand

Lex and the City has been checking tulip tour tracks above Amsterdam along the bulb fields in Noord-Holland North. (Above Alkmaar).
This will be part of “the Amsterdam+ North-Holland Lexperience“: Amsterdam – Zaanse Schans – Bulb tulip fields – Texel.

This is the recommandation Pennings De Bilt flowerbulbfarm in Breezand have sent us after our visit of their flower fields:


How do you reserve a tulip tour above Amsterdam and what does it cost? ⇓

Flower Bulb field above Amsterdam by Lex and the City - Picture from Pennings Breezand
Flower Bulb tour above Amsterdam by Lex and the City – Picture from Pennings Breezand (thank you)

Lex and the City tariff in 2024 for a private bike day tour above Amsterdam is EUR 425,-, including 21% VAT. Including the creation, organisation and (passionate) flower guiding. Excluding the rent of bikes, scooters or E-bikes. Or consider renting a tandem bike. Or a duo-bike.

Contact that unusual private bike guide for Amsterdam & North Holland: [email protected] | +31 6 55 337726.
You can talk and/or write French, German and Dutch as well.
Or show your hotel concierge this private-guide-for-hotelguests-page.

Joining on an individual basis in an international group: the tulip tours are to be found occasionally on third party social websites for offline chat & gathering like Meetup, Internations expats and Eventbrite.
Please ask Lex and the City for specific examples or dates. (Or ask us here for a private tour for a fixed groep.)

Private tours in Amsterdam – Zaanse Schans – Alkmaar – Tulips – Texel
Enjoying fish, view, history and company on Texel island, oudeschild - Group adventure with Lex and the City trips

You want more excursions in North Holland?
Lexcursions” with the private local guide;
in Amsterdam, for example 1 hour walking tours around hotels.
Combined with Zaanse Schans, Alkmaar, Top of North Holland (Tulip fields)  or biking with your private guide on Texel island. 

The tulip tour above Amsterdam (Anna Paulowna polder and the surrounding area; 1 hour by train.)  is a great addition to the “Amsterdam Lexperiences” as a French-speaking and German-speaking private guide in Amsterdam. With bulb field tours.

Groups that approach me for tours in Amsterdam and the surrounding area can start in the capital with a “private tour Lexperience” and than go to Zaanse Schans – Texel with Lex and the City and enjoy a “round of bulbs & flowers” by bike in between. (Or as a single (“L”) excursion.)

By the way Skate-A-Round & Lex and the City have I have been doing sporty tours on Texel for 18 years, so be my guest.


Tailor made quotation for a tour in- and- above Amsterdam

Exploring Amsterdam and above over a whole weekend?: Flower bulb route North Holland – Texel: be our tulip guest.


Preparation of the private tulip tours by bike or inline skate.

Pictures on our Instagram “Amsterdam_Lexperience” and our Facebook page.

Passing by one of the windmills on the Lex and the City tulip tour bike route.
The pictures have been taken in autumn. Therefore hardly any flowers are to be seen. However they give you a good insight into the beautiful surroundings.


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Preparing for the bulb fields and flower tours on the bike, footbike and inline skates. 2020 and further. Part of the Lex and the City private guide – *Amsterdam and surroundings* tours. Total Lexperience: Amsterdam – Alkmaar – Bulb fields (passing by @penningsbulbs I guess.) – Texel. :) Touring picture of today near Anna Paulowna. Enjoy your day’. #privateguide #hiddengemsholland #lexandthecity #frenchspeakingguide #bulbfields #bikeholland #tulip #penningbulbs

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Private tulip day tour above Amsterdam: +31655337726 | [email protected]

Lex and the City acts unusual, as usual.

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