Safe private tours Amsterdam during Corona crisis | skate teacher | skate courier | online city communicator

Check out 4 Corona-proof solutions in Amsterdam: safe private tours * distance skate teaching * skate courier for shops * city blogging

Local private tour guide in Amsterdam | French speaking as well: Lexplore the city.

Local private tours in Amsterdam: click on the picture to discover more. (Or just send an app with your request.)

Private hidden gems tailor made tours in Amsterdam | high end

Lex and the City: private city tours in Amsterdam and in the countryside.

A private local guide, looking for-, finding- en showing hidden gems in the capital of the Netherlands.

The sporty way: biking, footbiking and on inline skates (skate tour including learning advanced skate skills.).
Walking tours a well. 

Tailor made tours in 4 languages: French, German, English and in Dutch.

EUR 100,- for 1-2 persons  during the Corona crisis. (1,5m, safe.) | EUR 10,- p.p. for Lextra persons.  (excluding rentals, including all taxes)

Lexplore Amsterdam; let us guide you to the unknown.


Development of Lexperiences goes on; in Crisis time as well: biking to the Zaanse Schans.

Nederlandse startpagina van deze site over sportief verkennen van de stad  in je vrije tijd

Sporty courier in Amsterdam for shops and healthcare | Just during the Coronacrisis

Skate & bike courier in Amsterdam during the Corona crisis. Having started by delivering face masks, then clothes as well and now even…inline skates.

Click the picture of this temporary Amsterdam skate delivery boy for more.

Lex van Buuren inline skate koerier - skateleraar - skate journalist - skate blogger - beheerder skate faceboek groepen - skate-organisator

Private skate teacher in Amsterdam, 4 seasons, teaching 7 braking skills, possible on 7 days out of 7 for 1 person | couple | parent+child a day. (when it is still quiet, even peaceful.)

Skateschool since 1998. Click on the skate-a-round link in this LinkedIn post for the what & where.

Choose for the combination of discovering Amsterdam (or above) on inline skates AND learning new skate skills.
4 hours in the city or daytrip above the capital. (Texel, Zaanse Schans)
Cheaper now because of the Corona crisis.

Online content marketer: City Lexposure | Out of the box SEO copywriting, social media posts and SEO coaching for local leisure and mobility organisations in Amsterdam.

Click on Lex-on-the bike for the city content story and possibilities.

Hidden Gems Guide Lex van Buuren with private tours Amsterdam has a mission in Amsterdam. Promoting physical movement with bikes, footbikes, skates and by foot.

Online content city marketer: SEO copywriting, out of the box social media creation, SEO coaching and translations. For local companies in the leisure and sports industry in Amsterdam and in Paris: *City Lexposure*


The Amrath Hotel is a great place to show the guests. I knew the customers wanted something special inside to see about architecture of Amsterdamse school.The clients were thrilled by their experience inside. This was a great end of the tour and we thank @AmrathHotels. :)

— Lex van Buuren (@lexperience) August 2, 2019

Walks and bike tours in Amsterdam East for business travelers: Lexperiences of 1 hour, starting from your hotel in Amsterdam East | A private walking tour or bike tour in a large circle around your hotel | With the hidden gems guide.
Click on the Pyton bridge for the whole story.

Python bridge during Private tour in Amsterdam with Lex and the City

Private local guide with 1 hour tours for the guests of the hotels in Amsterdam East. Intended for the businessman and women who have limited time. The hidden gems tour starts from your hotel.

The storyteller of Amsterdam East: online and offline:
Click on the business card to dive into the unlexpected.

Lex van Buuren van Lex and the City - Verhalenverteller Amsterdam Oost - visitekaartje

The storyteller of Amsterdam East: tours, blogs and online content marketer for third parties; local leisure companies, preferably acting within the Lex and the City mission

p-Oostcard from private local guide of Amsterdam-East Lex and the City - Eastern Lexperiences

Guided boat tour in Amsterdam with your own private group | High-end “Lexperience” on the water: Click on the picture of the “gezellige” canal tour for more…

Guided boat tour for EY with Lex and the City in Amsterdam - Outing for colleagues Paris, Bruxelles and Amsterdam

Guided private boat tours in Amsterdam with Lex and the City. Lexplore the city on the water.

Private guided biking tours in & around Amsterdam | Lexplore the city or countryside comfortably offline: Click on the bike-in-AMS picture for more…

Guided walk along the canals with Lex and the City in Amsterdam

Private guided bike tours in Amsterdam, looking for the hidden gems of the town. Like in the Eastern Docklands.

Contact met Lex and the City | Lexperience town | Parlons sur Lexpérience d’AMS


DJ and local guide during 1 single tour: DJ Lextase promotes fun physical movement in the city. Even during a private boat tour with a dance floor, on river Amstel or IJ

Click on mobile DJ + tour guide for more.

Lex van Buuren is DJ Lextase in the Hague during the local skate tour

Mobile DJ Lextase promotes sportive movement in the city by playing inspiring music while on the move. While skating or while guiding in Amsterdam.

Out of the box storyteller in Amsterdam and in Paris; that is Lex and the City. Looking for hidden gems in the city.

The Lex and the City smiley is a reflection of our mission and core competence. About promoting physical movement in town, curiously looking for hidden gems. Out of the box. Click on our city smiley for more.


Another role of Lex within his mission: volunteer of the weekly Friday Night Skate Amsterdam (Here off to Schiphol Airport on inline skates with the group; July 2019)

Micro-blogging on LinkedIn about the unlexpected in East Amsterdam | Lexploring hidden gems 

Instagram micro-blogging about private sportive tours with the focus on hidden gems; “the unknown Amsterdam

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Superb day in Amsterdam. 🔆 We have tried out sportive hidden gem tracks. #privateguideamsterdam #localguidesamsterdam #amsterdamcityguide #amsterdam #hiddengemsamsterdam #lexandthecity #frenchspeakingguide #iamsterdam

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Private customized tours Amsterdam - Passing by bikes with flowers - Lex and the City guide

Private customized tour Amsterdam – Passing by bikes with flowers – Copyright Lex and the City guide


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