Hidden gems of Amsterdam and unknown places in the capital of the Amsterdam. (What you need to know or might not see.)
These best kept secrets of the capital are slightly out of the box, so plse be aware…;)

Why a hidden treasure in the city is more than a spectacle.

Even this street art Nightwatch is a hidden gem, as there is a market of front of it, except for….;)

Not only is it nice to be surprised by the city, but exploring also takes you to much quieter places.

Your tour becomes relaxed in the city. Most of the locals, the people of Amsterdam in those parts of the city, also love that you come. They might have a story for you about the hidden gem of Amsterdam where you are located.

A lot of the best kept secrets on this tour guide page are to be found in the emerging quarters of this compelling town: the East and the North.
For example: the first picture of my new Amsterdam’s hidden treasures  Instagram account ⇓ contains a cool house in AMS-North, on the so-called Nieuwendammerdijk. (Plse pronounce the name in your room. ;)



The best kept secret places of Amsterdam | 28 picks from that other local private guide Amsterdam 

  1. Museum ‘t Schip (and the Amsterdam school houses behind Zaanstraat, Spaarndammerbuurt )
  2. The tram stop of Johan Cruijff between hip and happening Timor Plein and Javaplein. (photo beneath with your (?) local guide.) Of course it is along tram line 14, his back number. (Ajax, football from the 70s, total football..)
  3. The mystical forth of Sjako in the famous quartier “Jordaan”. (Second picture on my Instagram account “Best kept secret places of Amsterdam”. Beneath⇓) Sjako was called the Robin Hood of the Jordaan. But was this actually true?
  4. Rembrandt Nightwatch street art in the hipster quarter “De Pijp” (the pipe)  Picture by your local private guide Amsterdam on the Albert Cuyp market? Chk above. ⇑
  5. Barcelona Square (on KNSM Island) (You see it below, third photo on Amsterdam’s hidden treasures Instagram account “on ⇓ this page. ⇓)
  6. Martin Garrix’s studio, the famous DJ. In an area no tourist has come yet. (Or was it you as an exception? ;) )
  7. The smallest museum in the world. (Even on 100 meters distance you’d miss it.)
  8. The stairs of the Lloyd Hotel (with its remarkable history on each floor)
  9. The inside of the Amrath Hotel, the former shipping house, picture 2 of my new Instagram best kept secrets of Amsterdam account.⇓ This is often part of Lex and the City Amsterdam differently tours.
  10. Oudemanspoort, the best kept secret of the red light district
  11. (behind the) Oranje Nassau barracks, to the east.
  12. Claesz Claesz hofje, Quarter “Jordaan”. one of Amsterdam’s treasures “very hidden”;).
  13. Place of the former head office of VOC; the home of the East Indies.
  14. The winding jetty of De Ceuvel, North
  15. The amazing inside of Bartolotti House (From Amsterdam’s richest man in the so-called golden age.)
  16. The courtyard of the Maritime Museum (Look below, second photo by my Instagram site on this page. ⇓)
  17. Outersdorp and Oetewaler Mill (Flevopark, one of the favorites of the storyteller of Amsterdam East.)
  18. Jerusalem in Amsterdam (A neighborhood with cute houses still unknown.)
  19. Boat & breakfast on KNSM-island, maritime place full of history, however who has been their already? ;) (Picture beneath on Instagram Amsterdam_Lexperience.)
  20. The “Otter” Mill, hidden behind the houses of an unknown district to the West. (Look below, 1st photo by Instagram on this page. ⇓)
  21. Scheepstimmerstraat, I promise you a nice photo of this colorful street on my Insta.
  22. The biggest skate park in the Netherlands (Hidden behind the Manhattan-style facades of Zeeburgereiland.) Tip on hidden gems of Amsterdam from fellow local guide  Tomas Merkies.
  23. The hidden path along old Zouthaven (This name translates into English: The salt port.)
  24. The West-Indian House with its fascinating historical room; an unusual and even exciting spot in Amsterdam.

    The cool cycle, skate and footbike tunnel under Amsterdam Central Station. (CS)

  25. Galgenstraat. (A narrow and hidden street with a scary story, that is on the western islands, even for most of the Dutchies a neighborhood to be discovered.)
  26. The room where the current Manhattan was created by Peter Stuyvesant and companions, on the design table: “somehere” in The West-Indian House (picture of its closed patio.) A true hidden treasure of Amsterdam. 
  27. The “Indië 1” district in the Indische Buurt. (The roots of Eigen Haard ) This is an excellent example of best kept secret places of Amsterdam
  28. Van Gogh plaque in front of the Marine Terrein. (I didn’t even see a photo of it in the van Gogh museum.; go-go-go)




At the tram stop Johan Cruijff line 14 (Photo of hidden gem by a dutch-family-client; tnx.) Clicking on image means going to that local guide page with unusual Amsterdam tours.

Hidden gems of Amsterdam on a bike tour with the out of the box local guide.

Lexplore the hidden treasure of the capital with Lex and the City; that other local guide on a bike:

Private bike tours with this unusual local guide who will be happy to show you the above hidden gems in Amsterdam 


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