I have used my state and situation to turn things around and to be able introduce a new (quadrilingual) sustainable and skate & bike messenger amsterdam service for what is needed now: a green courierservice for people who shop online, however at local shops. This need will increase with X-mas coming up.

Lexpress – green & sporty messenger service Amsterdam: skate & bicycle courier

75l. skate “Wheelie” or 100l. bike “Cyclone” + sporty courier AMS

Climate neutral parcel service Amsterdam with 75l “Skate Wheelie”.

Sporty guiding, which I have been doing since 1998, is not always possible now, because of the Corona crisis. Within my mission in the city, I came up with the new role as sporty courier, here in Amsterdam.

I know Amsterdam geographically very well, because of my work as a sporty local guide and my volunteer work for the Friday Night Skate for 22 years.
And I am passionate. :)
Because sustainable sporty mobility in the city is at the core of my bicycle & skate courier company and myself.
CO2 neutral by the city as a delivery service.

In short, I am f-Lex as a bike & skate messenger.

Green skate courier and bike messenger Amsterdam for local shops and pharmacies: +31655337726 | lexperiences@lexandthecity.nl | What’s app ->

( Nederlandse pagina over de sportieve koerier op de skates of de fiets in Amsterdam voor winkels en apotheken tijdens de Corona crisis. )

Recent review about Lexpress’ sporty messenger for homeworkers | Autumn 2020

Current review about our green courier service in Amsterdam, of The Wilderness agency from the UK. (Mid october 2020)

Bike messenger Amsterdam as well.

An urgent “Lexpress” shipment is my mission in CV time. Sometimes inline skating is not possible or you need a larger bag. For example when an employee starts working at home and wants it’s computer be delivered the green way.
Therefore I am a bike messenger Amsterdam as well.

Check out this Lexpress bike courier picture. With Cyclone bicycle trailer in Amsterdam, de Pijp, Marie Heinekenplein. The bike-Cyclone is larger than the skate-Wheelie. (100l vs. 75l.). Moreover the weather and (wet) roads not always permit me to skate to you. So biking (and even footbiking) is a good alternative.   

Green f-Lex company with a sporty delivery service. This temporary (?) green city service fits within the mission of Lex and the City


Courier service Lexpress: green delivery in Amsterdam, fulfilling specific needs for certain target groups during the Corona crisis 

CO2-neutral courier Amsterdam on inline skates

My question is whether you know (or are) a retailer who needs help to deliver items to your home in a green way. As shops in Amsterdam have more online customers now; especially with Christmas coming up.
Or a healthcare organization that is looking for a delivery service. For example, delivering medicines for a hospital, a doctor’s post or a pharmacy.

I have furthermore chosen to be a skate & bicycle courier for international companies (I speak French, German, English and Dutch.) whose home workers need their business computer at home. Or I deliver food for a parent service.

And since it’s start, the beginning of the Corona crisis, Lexpress is the green courier for fast same day delivery of high quality mouth masks all over Amsterdam.


Delivery service Lexpress does have handy equipment for sporty mobility in Amsterdam.


7 Lexpress same day urgent bike messenger services in Amsterdam for retailers and pharmacists | With prices of packages that fit in the green carts.

Prices are ex. 21% VAT, and in Amsterdam. (Even if I skate or cycle with pleasure to Amstelveen or something; just relexed consultation about the costs then.)

Lexpress with 100 l. bicycle trailer “Bike Cyclone”. Green bike messenger in Amsterdam and surroundings during the corona crisis. For shops, pharmacies, hospitals and for companies, needing to transport material like laptops to homes of employees, including expats.

Here is the Lexpress rate for “vital” package deliveries from pharmacies, and with items from retailers on the road. (CO2 neutral, a green home delivery service.)

  1. Same day town center: EUR 10,-
  2. Same day within the A10 ring: EUR 15,-
  3. Same day IJburg, Nieuw-West and Bijlmer: EUR 20,-
  4. Urgent town center: Delivered within 2 hours (sometimes even super fast delivery): EUR 15.00
  5. Urgent town within A10 ring: Parcel delivery within 2.5 hours : EUR 20.00 (Also to the car of the shopping customer parked on the outskirts of the city.)
  6. Urgent IJburg, Nieuw-West, Amstelveen, Bijlmer: Parcel delivery within 3 hours : EUR 25.00
  7. Evening courier; surcharge: EUR 10.00

Payment is done by payment request. Dutch customers know it as a “tikkie”. Don’t you have Dutch bank account? What about using Paypal instead?
(L)existing customers are able to pay over normal bank transfer afterwards.
Cash remains an option as well. :)


Because of the Corona virus Lex and the City becomes “Lexpress“: from environmental aware local guide in Amsterdam to skate & bike courier. In the course of the crisis. Click on Lex and the City business card for that page about sustainable tour solutions for a private guide in Amsterdam.










Skate delivery boy in Amsterdam during Corona crisis for environmentally aware shops 

Why bike messenger Amsterdam Lexpress delivers for local shops, companies and pharmacies and hospitals during the Corona crisis.

With it’s Corona crisis brand “Lexpress” Lex and the City focuses on needs organisations and individuals have right now. :)

Think about:
– shops in Amsterdam who want to deliver at home now with Christmas coming up soon. (products from local shops in Amsterdam can be delivered very quickly by our sporty parcel service.)
– pharmacies en hospitals in need of a bike messenger Amsterdam for delivering medication.
– international companies who like to communicate with the courier on the street in their own language. (Lexpress is quadrilingual. FR – DU – EN  – NL)
– companies who would like to send the employee’s computer to their home during the Corona crisis (home work).


Climate neutral courier on Sunday as well. All over Amsterdam

Co2 neutral delivery Amsterdam skateboy with face mask (and hand gloves) upon arrival.

Amsterdam courier on the footbike as well.

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