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We have created an active tour in Amsterdam with the theme sustainability.  Moreover: Lex and the City has been integrating that hot (and necessary) topic more and more into the (“L”)existing, current active & conscious, green tours. Beneath our 1st track and green development bike tour, you will find our 28 durable topics in the whole of Amsterdam. 


Footbiking is a sustainable activity in Amsterdam for groups who are aware.- In front of Amstel Hotel - Lex and the City private group experiences
Corporate sustainable and active experience in Amsterdam: footbiking. Here the Lex and the City group in front of the famous Amstel Hotel. Press for this green, conscious, activity.

For us the areas in the capital to check for attractive, appealing sustainable hidden gems, are the East and the North of Amsterdam. That process starts with customers asking us for tailor-made eco tours.
Amsterdam is considered as an eco-friendly town with a leading role.



First bike track and eco-highlights for a 2,5 hour Lex and the City sustainable development group-tour of 10K

Green development tour of 2,5 hours, built around the eco-highlights of Marine-terrein, and including parts of the Eastern Docklands and trendy Czaar Peterstraat. By the way, we pass by the sights, tell about it and we plan tour with short visits (max 10 minutes) to say 3 eco-friendly organizations. And not all elements will be visible probably during one tour. (tailormade concept.)

Fietstocht in ongebruikelijk Amsterdam met lokale privé gids - Het actieve deel van een vrijgezellenuitje voor vrouwen - Met Lex and the City Lexperiences - Augus Hier in Oost bij Mediamatic

  1. Instock (food) and re-Bell (clothing), paragons of the circular economy in the trendy and conscious Czaar Peterstraat.
  2. Cacao museum. In Czaar Peterstraat as well. Their cacao tributes to strengthening the local eco-system. (Instead of the opossite, which is more the known rule.)
  3. Energy-neutral houseboat on the KNSM island.
  4. The circular crane hotel. Formerly a crane, now a hotel, next to Loods6 on the KNSM island.
  5. The Jakarta Hotel: the green, bicycle-friendly and modern hotel that is also locally connected to this area.
  6. Biotope Dijkspark Mediamatic; on the IJ. With their remarkable “Pure Gold” experiment. They also fully contribute to the circular economy. Perhaps Mediamatic can also offer a sustainable vegan lunch. (on request)
  7. Space for food on the Marineterrein by Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions – AMS Institute. The goal is to convert wastewater into new food, using aerospace technology and vertical farming.
  8. Smart roof 2.0; also on the Marine site. One of the sustainable companies on this sustainability tour.
  9. Living Lab with its cool and completely 2022 Roboat; yes, the robot boat!!
  10. The self-driving electric bus on the naval area. (Oli)

As the sustainable development tour​ is taking place in upcoming, trendy neighborhoods, it is not as crowded as in the town center of Amsterdam.
We start in Czaar Peterstraat, at least when you need to rent a bike first.

Availability eco-tour Amsterdam

A question we get quite a lot: Hello, do you operate the eco-tour in the next days? Is it possible to join?
Answer: it is a private tour. And it needs 2-3 weeks preparation as it contains visits. Without visits it is still interesting. A short notice private eco-tour without the promise of a visit is possible most of the time.

Tailor made bike tours in Amsterdam are part of the DNA of Lex and the City. Because we like to explore, the unusual, new stuff and new perspectives.


Lex and the city 2023 rates for tours and other leisure experiences in Amsterdam.


28 green & conscious, locations popping up in our mind for being part of sustainable & unusual tours in Amsterdam:


Biking, footbiking and inline skating in the city is durable as well.

We are acting sustainable as well, by offering active tours, consciously using muscles; experiences (Lexperiences), in the city by bike, on inline skates, by footbike (scooter) and walking tours. And in times of less demand for tour experiences, like during the 1st part of the Corona Crisis, we turn into a green, sporty courier on wheels in the city.

Call Lex at +31 6 55 33 77 26 for a sustainable customized bike tour, or carry on reading what Lex and the City is all about.
The green bike tour needs to be reserved a few weeks in advance, as I need to prepare well.

When riding an ecological biking tour in Amsterdam?

Does everyone know how to bike well? This is a must.
In case it is Saturday , we ask you to plan in the morning. Saturday afternoon is the busiest time of the whole week and it needs to go safely. Midweek starting 2:00 PM is the last time, as rush hours start at 4. Best is to plan earlier, as it happens quite a lot groups arrive later and we want to avoid rush hours and also to disappoint groups while arriving.
Sunday is the safest and most relaxed day for a private Sustainability Biking Tour.

Een leuke sportieve tour op de fiets of de step door het Amstelkwartier, de Kop van Weespertrekvaart en (straks) het Bajes Kwartier.
Sustainable city villas in Amsterdam East, near the new to be built Bajes Kwartier

Amsterdam has been voted number 2 city in the world in 2021 by Time Out magazine, partly because of it’s sustainability and it’s green character.

Or I refer you to the Lex and the City landing tour page private guide Amsterdam






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