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Looking for hidden gems in Amsterdam North on the footbike with the business group
Looking for hidden gems in Amsterdam North on the footbike: click on the picture for this “Lexperience”

A sustainable and active activity for corporate groups. An unusual city experience as well. It is binding. Private business & custom tour.
Moreover footbiking is an original corporate activity in Amsterdam, taking a flow break from meetings.
Lex and the City thinks an Amsterdam tour on a scooter (for example on tempting NDSM wharf) is So Teambuilding!


In het Nederlands

Original active tours and flow breaks in between corporate meetings in Amsterdam

For a corporate, original Amsterdam active tour, company outings or a refreshing break during a business meeting in RAI congress center or the new Maritim Congres Hotel (2024) in Amsterdam-North.
With a scooter (footbike), you move like a rattlesnake through town.
Come into flow to improve creativity. With Lex and the City, that tour company of Amsterdam, acting upon the job a bit differently.

For business groups, eager to get to know the unknown and even the new parts of Amsterdam. With a curious eye.
3 times unusual: 1. moving like a snake through the city by footbike | 2. the hidden treasures we discover. 3. the target group.  


Unusual corporate activity in Amsterdam: tailor made, safe & cool and for the curious eye.

Footbikng with your tour group under the Rijksmuseum. Corporate activeactivity in Amsterdam.
Scooting with your group under the Rijksmuseum. Corporate activity Amsterdam?

Amsterdam out of the box tour leader speaks 4 languages: French, English, German and of course Dutch as well.
Lex van Buuren is local tour guide himself and has people around him who embrace the same leX-factor culture.

Original corporate activity,  looking for hidden gems in unusual Amsterdam. With a curious eye.

Eye for exceptions, like pregnant women, offering them a regular bike.

“Bakfiets” (Google it..) for people who cannot footbike. (Or for children, even pets.) Yes, we create with a sustainable angle for you(r) group.

Scooting corporate groups of max. 8 persons per foot-bike group on the streets of Amsterdam.

You choose the hotspot to start the green scooter tour. (Maybe a good place where your coach can stop?)
The scooters will be ready (and happy ;)) to roll. :) This idea is part of our tailor made thinking and doing for people who are busy and want to enjoy as much as possible in a sort period of time.


Quote: If you practise footbiking, people greet you spontaneously. Yes, We know it does not sound so 2024, but it is true. Try it out with your business group in Amsterdam.
We are fLexy and we know it.

Activity in Amsterdam for corporate groups, passing by the EYE film museum for a picture together with the flowers in front of it.
Passing by the EYE film museum for a picture together with the flowers in front of it.

Free publicity for this unusual city tour in the article of the Sunday Times Travel Magazine  in 2011.

This Lex and the City story in this UK medium with authority is obviously still something we are proud of.

The whole article is called “6 of the best unusual tours in the city”. (A free trial is possible.)

Unusual scooter tours in Amsterdam for an incentive with Lex and the City

Individual AMS scooter tours with Dutch celebs’ and local TV station AT5 

Footbiking with the stars was the name of the TV program.  (This page, primarily containing pictures by organizer and temporary Paparazzi Lex, is in Dutch.)
The program was made by AT5, (with well-known journalist Frank Awick) and Lex and the City provided the scooters/footbikes.

Pricing of that Amsterdam corporate tour: scooting for private groups.

Sustainable corporate activity in Amsterdam during a congress: foortbiking with Lex and the City.
Corporate Incentive Amsterdam tour: footbiking with Lex and the City. Well? Picture by Lex in 2011, getting the Amsterdam business in suits and heels on wheels. ;)

You get an invoice without VAT, asking to pay VAT in your own country.
Now surf to Lex and the City Amsterdam pricing

A review about our service from an international business customer rep

Lunch in Amsterdam for corporate groups during leisure time.

Hotspot for start private boat trip in Amsterdam | In East AMS | Molen de Gooyer | Kop van Oost
Amsterdam Tour guide Lex on the waterside at “Kop van Oost” with a group of (L)expats. (Including jetty for a boat.)

We guess you prefer lunch breaks on high end and | or special locations to eat, relax and have a refreshing chat.
Ideas for group restaurants in Amsterdam; Lex and the city eating favorites:

Lex and the City corporate event "footbiking in suits and on heels" for the Amsterdam business club.
Our corporate event “footbiking in suits and on heels” for the Amsterdam business club. Click for the case (made by them.)


Lex and the City: contact, general conditions, spirit of that corporate local guide:


Business people scooting in Amsterdam. Corporate activity for international groups.
People from a company scooting in Amsterdam with us.

The landing page of the private local guide Amsterdam Lex and the City with tailor made tours.

+31655337726 [email protected]

Below the video you see more pictures of “the best kept secrets of Amsterdam”.

General conditions of Lex and the City tours


Video of 1 minute “Scooter tour with business seduction in Amsterdam

This day, this educational, has been organised for DMC’s, journalists, incentive houses, hotels and event agencies in the Netherlands, interested in a corporate and fun activity for a group in Amsterdam.
Text in the video clip is in Dutch, however it is still an Amsterdam scooting / footbiking (“step”) video. ;)

The clip shows scooting and “high-end” can actually match.
You see us lunching in the sky with the group of influencers, having a BBQ in the loge (! :) ) of the Olympic Stadium, workshop “business seduction on a hotspot with well-known public “flirt speaker” Tijn van Ewijk, a private boat tour and our tour guide Hans in action on the footbike with the influencers.
A good idea for a company tour in Amsterdam. With Lex Appeal.

Showing a journalist and photographer best kept secrets of Amsterdam

March 2020 Lex and the City has shown a journalist of a leading Belgian newspaper some hidden gems in Amsterdam East. (private tailor made tour)
Sustainability was an item, visiting Haak-In, passing by refurbished monumental houses in Indische Buurt and lunch in De Kas.

Durable and consious activity in Amsterdam for corporate groups - Footbiking with Lex and the City tours
Durable and conscious activity in Amsterdam for corporate groups – Footbiking

Customized tour information for hotel concierges

Are you a hotel concierge? Chk our private tours page for hotel concierges and M&E managers.


2 Pictures of- and link to- hidden gems during (L) experiences: an original corporate activity Amsterdam 

Maker and owner of the photos: Lex and the City.

Local private tour guide in Amsterdam | French speaking as well: Lexplore the city. Original corporate activity in Amsterdam
Local private tour guide for Incentive tours in Amsterdam: Bickerseiland. Photo: Lex and the City



Lex and the City local tour guide facing the thunderstorm in front of the one and only windmill the center of Amsterdam has. (First city beer brewery of local beer since 1983, on the right.)
Lex facing the thunderstorm in front of the one and only windmill the center of Amsterdam has. (First city beer brewery of local beer since 1983, on the right.)

Do you prefer another kind of tempting tour in Amsterdam?

Private bike tours Amsterdam | (L)explore the unknown with the unusual guide

Are you looking for a corporate biking tour in Amsterdam? 

Tailor made group bike tour in Amsterdam | Active team outing

More hidden treasures of Amsterdam in this Lex and the City Blogpost

28 Hidden gems of Amsterdam – Article by Lex and the City |

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