Companies often ask me an exchange of backlinks. I think only intelligent link building works, meaning a link which is part of a logical story. (It is called link earning by the way.)

Lex, SEO storyteller in the unusual Amsterdam

Out of the box SEO specialist: an elevator pitch

An out of the box SEO Specialist has the aim to rank your website higher in search engines. I start by analyzing your website. Then I come up with actions both to be done on the website itself and off-site. Out of the box means I partly use unusual methods to reach the goal. (Fair play in any case.) It also means I work from the conviction that SEO should be(come) part of the unconsious mind of the organisation I work with. 100% outsourcing is no option in my point of view.
For very technical work I work together with a tech-specialist


Introduction from the SEO storyteller

p-Oostcard from private local guide of Amsterdam-East Lex and the City - Eastern Lexperiences
Lex and the City “p-Oosting” from Amsterdam East. This stamp is part of our graphical design.

This is my online storyteller page where I tell about my passion, knowledge and experience in the field of online content city marketing in the leisure, sporty, PD and fitness industry in Amsterdam. (and Paris).

The label is called Lexposure.

I help people and companies with SEO storytelling, coaching and social media content creation in case they have some kind of link with Lex and the City’s mission.

I do this next to my passion as an offline storyteller (local tour guide) in the streets of unusual Amsterdam.

+140 relevant Lex and the City keyphrases are ranking at number 1, so I am ready to help others with content marketing. (you?)

I feel like a passionate inbound marketer.


SEO storyteller; deze pagina in het Nederlands

From organizer in the world of tourism and sport group events to SEO storyteller, local guide and unusual Amsterdam blogger in the same industry 

SEO storyteller with it's own postcards, this about rollerskating inj Paris. :)
One of our postcards of Lex and the City’s skate brand.

In the last 23,5 years I have developed skate trips, guided hundreds of mainly city tours and sporting outings and organized B2B events in Paris.
Back then, I spent an unusually long time on the marketing communication part. On SEO storytelling.

Specific: E-mail marketing, blogging, SEO copywriting, social media and taking pictures.
Now I also do the latter for others. And still in the same sector: for local tourist companies and destinations in France, for the Amsterdam hotel industry, for the fitness & PD industry like personal trainers, and for providers of sporty leisure outings.




SEO city marketing with Lexposure: 5 target groups and 5 competences

SEO storyteller with Lexposure; guess what? Lex and the City ;)
SEO storyteller in the West of France.

Five target groups:

Five core competences of that SEO storyteller in the city:

Tailor-made private tours with the private guide Lex and the City | SEO storyteller | skate lessons | Lextraordinary Lexperiences

These specialities and competences distinguish me from other SEO storytellers.
In addition, I advise and coach some entrepreneurs within my network in Amsterdam and companies / freelancers who find me via the search engine, about search marketing.


<<Your brain is better than Google. Internal information and intuition could make you startup already in SEO.>>

Out of the box SEO copywriting, social media marketing and SEO coaching in the city

I also often take action photos of groups. Fun for themselves and for the promotion of Lex and the City lexperiences.
SEO storytelling that must convince and seduce. With the help of my associative brain.

I tell both online and offline unusual city stories to groups of people. I do that “out of the box”, fed by my associative brain. And because I am triggered by the combination of persuasion and seduction. I also blog about psychology and personal development.
The SEO storyteller label is called Lexposure.

My (L)experience, my specialities in the field of content are French tourism, leisure, active outings in Amsterdam, the health industry, events and hotel industry in Amsterdam. Also in terms of network, and that can help your organization. In the recruitment of clients and at off-page SEO.

I have laid the foundation for SEO storytelling as an organizer in the leisure sector and in business tourism. For years I have acted with the organization of skate trips at the intersection between active tours, tourism and events. I have also been able to help many customers from business tourism (MICE) with the implementation of their events in Paris.

Who can I help with city SEO storytelling?

De wandeling in de Jordaan met Lex and the City bevat ook de Westertoren.

– Content for the international travel industry, eco tourism and for the market of sporting outings.

– SEO copy writing and translations for the French tourist B2B market and also in other countries such as Germany.

Amsterdam hotels that want to achieve more direct sales through better exposure. Less dependence on the channels. More substantive information about SEO copy-writing by Lex and the City Lexposure.
My AMS hotel speciality: making the area around your hotel even more attractive online.

Leisure entrepreneurs in Amsterdam East. (Like bars and shops.)

– SEO Coaching for personal trainer and PD specialists.



Contact with city SEO storyteller Lex van Buuren (and some recommndations)

SEO copywriter Lex van Buuren - "Lexposure in the City"
Contact about good content within the hotel industry, French destinations and French local companies and the PD & fitness industry.
With Lexposure.

Or app to that city SEO storyteller +31655337726. Or E-mail: [email protected]

Being in SEO, make customers come to you.
Instead of sending direct mails. I think that is what SEO is about.

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