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Private cruise experience in Amsterdam on the canals and/or the rivers IJ and Amstel. By the local guide and unusual organizer Lex and the City.

Local tour guide Lex and the City advises international groups that desire a guided private cruise in Amsterdam ⇓
Oosterdokseiland in Amsterdam als centrale locatie voor een actief bedrijfsuitje met thema-tours met Lex-and-the-City.

As a local tour guide in Amsterdam we get to know loads of areas, people, venues, roads and waterways…
And because we have been around for quite a while, we are pretty easy to find. (Like you have just done as well. ;)  )

After having contacted Lex and the City, we plan a brief meetup by phone or chat. Then Lex and the City sent you the link of the boat we have in mind and the sailing company behind it. Pressing will open up a screen to pictures and a basic idea of the rental price. In a quotation from that cruise company in Amsterdam, your specific wishes will be dealt with.
My question is to refer to Lex and the City.
The private boat we advice will be free at that very moment. However no option will have been taken yet.

Me as a private local guide will be present for you from now on for specific questions concerning Amsterdam. See Lex and the City as your tailor-made tourist office. ;) For what you cannot find on the web.

And I might return as the boat tour guide during your company event. If that is what you want.

Moreover, if you desire another type of boat, ask Lex and the City for an alternative.

Guided tailor-made company boat trip on the canals and on the rivers IJ and Amstel

Great hotspot in Amsterdam for starting your boat trip, taking a picture at the city windmill, skating along, playing Jeu de Boules, having a coffee at the new water terrace and enjoying each others' company. | Tailor-made experience in Amsterdam
This is a great starting point for your custom boat tour in Amsterdam. You do not see it on the picture, but it is next to the city windmill of East AMS. :) The other Amsterdam.

For your custom boat tour Amsterdam you can choose between a private local guide on a classic saloon boat or for a barge; an open, however comfortable boat.

We are specialized in international companies based in Amsterdam or in tourist and foreign corporate groups, because of our international background in tourism and group guiding.  For them we’d love to make it a customized boat trip in Amsterdam.

Lex and the City has started it’s guiding on private boats on river Seine in Paris a long time ago. We have also been active in the city of light with tailor-made experiences.
You can feel our international spirit and we speak 4 languages: French, German, English and Dutch. (If desired, spoken mixed up during one single Amsterdam boat tour. Yes, we will make it a personalized tour in Amsterdam for you.)

However we are locals and Lex and the City is an Amsterdam based dutch tour guide company; meaning we have been living and guiding here for a long time.

Customized boat tour in and around Amsterdam with a tour guide and/or DJ:
+31655337726 | [email protected]

visites personnalisées amsterdam | maatwerk rondleidingen amsterdam


Review on custom private guiding in Amsterdam



Private guide during SAIL Amsterdam 2025 on the water (or earlier ;) ) | Custom made boat tour on the “Drift Away” (max. 8 persons)

tailor-made amsterdam experience on the canals with Lex and the City custom tours.

Unusual local guy-guide Lex and the City offers locally custom tours during SAIL Amsterdam 2025. One of them being private cruises. We are also specialized in “Amsterdam Lexperiences” in the area, the Eastern Docklands. (Oostelijk Havengebied.)

The Drift Away is a solar powered ship and has space for max. 8 persons. 
More about private guiding during SAIL Amsterdam 2025  and a quotation.

An example of a customized tour in Amsterdam on the boat for both a local and international company

Custom boat tour Amsterdam next to the windmill in East with local guides from Lex and the City for EY Ernst & Young - May 2019
Custom boat tour starting in East Amsterdam with local private guides from Lex and the City for EY Ernst & Young – May 2019 – Tour guide: Tijs

The track with the private boat started in East Amsterdam, next to the Windmill, at Mooie Boules and Kop van Oost.
This tailor-made experience finished next to Central station. (Oosterdokseiland; nice area.)
Drinks were included, as was our private Amsterdam guiding on the canals and on river Amstel.

People from the offices of EY in Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam had gathered to discuss business, however to mingle and relax afterwards as well (On the water with us). The review of EY of this customised tour in Amsterdam is to be found beneath.

This is a typical corporate group client for us, as we have a tour company background in Paris and the owner of Lex and the City, Lex van Buuren has studied European Tourism Management on the Bournemouth University.

So with Lex and the City you have
4 languages on board to choose from: French, English, German and Dutch. In the case of Lex van Buuren himself he even has done boat trips speaking those 4 languages mixed up. :p. A typical example of a tailor-made experience in Amsterdam. 

Review from Ernst and Young after their custom cruise in Amsterdam

Customised tour by boat for EY with Lex and the City in Amsterdam - Outing for colleagues Paris, Bruxelles and Amsterdam
One of the three “EY barges” – East Amsterdam, next to the city windmill. Guide: Hans. Tailor-made experience.

Hi Lex,

Thank you so much for the organization guides and tour route for us. I have received positive feedback about the boat tour.  Some about the highlights, that the English level is good, nice stories and good sense of humour.

Especially thank you for being flexible and responsible. We are sure that your contribution added up to the people experience and they have learnt more interesting facts.

Best regards,
Ruzana Gareeva | Manager EY



Relaxed approach of the tailor made experience in Amsterdam over the river IJ, the canals and the river Amstel

customized tour Amsterdam on the water with your group. With Lex and the City experiences.
So great to sail around this so-called Oosterdok area – Amsterdam center. (And we do; hopefully with you. :))

Starting at the windmill in East, with the private cruise will first discover the Oosterdok area. Sailing further in the direction of the Marine area and Nemo. Than south heading for Blauwbrug and Herengracht. And so on. A lot of highlights together during this customized tour Amsterdam!

The last part of the tailor-made experience we will fill up with the (new) treasures along the river IJ: Eye, Adam tower, Westerdok, Maritime terrain, Muziekgebouw….adding some “New Amsterdam” to the group cruise experience.

Or, if you finish at Oosterdokseiland, we will finish with a round, including the library (OBA), Maritime area, Nemo, Amrath “Amsterdam School” Hotel…
It is a safe idea: we are already there and still can have as much custom boat group fun as is possible within our time schedule.
If you desire, we will walk your group to the restaurant afterwards and tell something on the way on the street if one desires that. It is an example of the way we personalize your company outing on the water.

On the day itself it might also be necessary to change things because of traffic, temporary regulations etc.
We know what is your aim and it is up to us to reach it for you.
And as “Lexperienced guides” we have got stories on every stretch. Our private guides also will make the time on board interesting.
Route proposal on the map for a 2 hour boat tour in Amsterdam


Starting your customized private boat tour in East Amsterdam is cool, modern en relaxed.

Hotspot for start private boat trip in Amsterdam | In East AMS | Molen de Gooyer | Kop van Oost
Having a drink “on the water” at “Kop van Oost”; East Amsterdam; with the group and private tour guide Lex.

We propose to start the custom boat tour in Amsterdam-East. As you might have seen on this website East Amsterdam is one of our sightseeing specialties.
The new terrace at Kop van Oost a is pretty cool and still unknown spot, as it is pretty new.

We have been sitting there lately with a group of Internations expats for which we have organized a tour, a Lexperience, as well.
It is an interesting area as it contains quite some triggering hidden treasures.

As this is a tailor made experience in Amsterdam, this is nothing more than a proposal. ;)


Want to chat offline with Lex and the City about sailing in and around Amsterdam with your international group? That is OK.

Windmill de Gooyer - Copyright picture Lex van Buuren - Lex and the City is specialist for both private local guiding on the water AND for East Amsterdam. Great start for a custom boat tour as well.
Lex captured his favorite city windmill after the thunderstorm | June 2019. Great start for a custom boat tour Amsterdam.

Consider your customized company cruise in Amsterdam with us. Lex and the City is specialist for both private local guiding on the water AND for East Amsterdam. (C) picture by Lex van Buuren. – Click on the picture-after-the-storm for his role in East-AMS.

Yes, We’d love to discuss the sightseeing route & the private boat guiding in Amsterdam over a cup of tea with you or your colleague in your office, to talk the outing over.
Our pleasure, it is a customized tour Amsterdam after all.

We gladly offer that to you as an extra, in our case Lextra, service. ;)

We have strong links with good boat companies (with classic saloon boats) to talk about the kind of equipment we need and they have.


Boat tour for groups with a French speaking tour guide on the canals. This could be your tailor-made experience in amsterdam
About our local Amsterdam guides:

The men and women are part of our team and/or have their own guiding service as well, and they are of a high level with a lot of “Lexperience” (in our case that is the appropriate word.).
We have an extended network in Amsterdam because of our pretty long history with tours for groups.

I know you expect that as a firm who plays on a good level itself in your own sector.


Costs and payment of a private barge tour, for example on a classic saloon boat

Tailor-made experience in Amsterdam at Werf and museum Kromhout, where private boats embark. Great nautic theme for your outing.
A classic saloon boat could be used for your private guided boat tour. Picture by Lex and the City @ Werf Kromhout. (Great place for your tour as well.)

After listening to your thoughts, dreams, conditions and questions on your tailor-made experience in Amsterdam, we will tell you the price of the sightseeing.
The price of your customized tour Amsterdam consists of two parts: the guiding itself and the organization of the boat trip. Costs for a private boat is on request.

Payment of your customized guided boat tour in Amsterdam over invoice; easy does it.

We are used to work for- and with- national & international companies.
Since 1998 we have been involved in corporate & private group sightseeing tours in both Paris and Amsterdam.




Contact and quotation for a guided private boat tour in Amsterdam for a company or family or group of good friends.

Locale privé stadsgidsen van Lex and the City in Amsterdam
Local private AMS city guides Lex van Buuren and Bob Maas with his son Linus in the Skylounge with view over Amsterdam – event: expedition Oosterdok 2019. Ready for your tailor-made experience in Amsterdam.

Call, app or mail Lex and the City for your high-end guided private boat tour in Amsterdam, Personal City Guide:
+31655337726| [email protected]

And possibly learn more about local private guide Amsterdam Lex van Buuren.

Let’s talk a private guided city cruise on the water. Because a tailor made experience in Amsterdam “suits you”. ;)

(Do you prefer to rent a bike instead of beforehand or AND/AND?)




Boat tour special in Amsterdam: DJ Lextase on board | Lounge or party on the river

DJ and local guide during 1 single tour: DJ Lextase promotes fun physical movement in the city. Even during a Offbeat Amsterdam private boat tour with a dance floor, on river Amstel or IJ

Lex van Buuren is the mobile "DJ Lextase". Here on the boat on river IJ in Amsterdam during a group boat tour for expats. Lex makes it your musical tailor-made experience in Amsterdam.
Mobile “DJ Lextase” during an expat boat tour on river IJ, Amsterdam, a few years ago, together with DJ Eric so fine from Groningen.

Do you like the idea of a mobile DJ during your private party or lounge boat tour in Amsterdam?

DJ Lextase can entertain your group on river IJ, river Amstel and Markermeer; on a party boat.
For a dinner & dance party. And possibly with lounge music as well.
DJ Lextase has been educated by DJ School Amsterdam and has gained his first DJ Lexperiences with tailor made boat tours on the river Seine in Paris.

The 1st possible start of the private party boat trip is behind the central station of Amsterdam. The boat can go both directions: either direction West (direction IJmuiden) or to the East (Amsterdam Docklands, Oranjesluizen, Markermeer)

The second possibility for a party or lounge boat cruise is boarding opposite Café Hesp, a place where we have been organizing a lot of (sporty) private group outings over the years. This is the river Amstel; heading for the South.

(Basically you have to leave town in order to be able to organize a party-boat tour for a group in Amsterdam.)

An example of a medium size cosy boat who can be transferred into a party boat outside the canals. (IJ and Amstel outside the city.)
An exemple of a theme for a boat tour with a dance flour and DJ: a going away party.

Boat track of 1.5 hours through the canals of Amsterdam for a
private group in a saloon boat

This map shows a track on the canals of Amsterdam with a private saloon boat we have guided for a private, German-speaking group in 2019.
It is just a Lexample, we are fLex.


Private Amsterdam cruise, heading for the “new water-rich Amsterdam”: IJburg and Zeeburgereiland


Dit bericht op Instagram bekijken


Een bericht gedeeld door Lex van Buuren (@amsterdam_lexperience)

For afterwards or before: hidden gem restaurants in Amsterdam, chosen by that local guide Lex 


Other Lex and the City Amsterdam unexpected services in English.



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