Private guided bike tours in & around Amsterdam by a local tourism pro | FR, EN, DU & NL

The Lex and the City Private guided bike-tours Amsterdam combine the discovery of hip & emerging parts of Amsterdam (the hidden gems) with getting to know even better the people around you.
In 4 languages.

Biking on Java eiland with your group is cool. Go discover hidden gems in the capital of the Netherlands.

The private guided tour can be either private or workrelated.
It can be in town or around town; in the countryside. (Even a daytrip to Texel island on your bike or skates is part of the “Lexperiences”)

Every Amsterdam bike tour has its own theme.
Sometimes we add an item to the tour, like a restaurant or picknick, a language exchange, a tasting or dancing afterwards. 

In order to ride our bikes comfortable and safe, the maximum number of participants is 8 people in town and 10 in the countryside.
The pace is relaxed. (relexed?)

Now we show you an example in East Amsterdam:

Private guided bike tour Amsterdam Docklands & IJburg | Checking out hidden gems

Discover what might be the hippest part of Amsterdam; the Eastern part, on a bike.
And socialize afterwards on the terrace, in a café or maybe even on the boulevard. 

IJburg: “the new Amsterdam” is great for biking AND for going to the beach in between.

This hidden gem tour will take place in the eastern part of the city, on the so-called Amsterdam’ Docklands: the ancient harbor which has been transformed into a great place to live and be.

And partly it will happen on IJburg; place of modern architecture, loads of air & space and even Amsterdam beach 2.0.

Your private local Amsterdam tour guide will tell you about the quick development of the Amsterdam Eastern Docklands. And about modern architecture of IJburg.

This bike-tour is about socializing, relaxed pace, hidden gem city items, the beach, one Dutch Downhill and fresh air. ;)

Private guided countryside bike daytours near Amsterdam

Gids in Waterland Oost Lex van Buuren met groep Spaanse skaters uit Barcelona | Dagtocht Marken langs IJsselmeer

Bike guide Lex in Waterland-Oost with a Catalan group.

Lex is not just a local tour guide. He also loves creating, rehearsing and doing bike-tracks outside of Amsterdam. Privately as well.
He also records the bike tracks. Including pictures; he always makes pictures, everywhere he goes.
And is even rewarded by an American GPS website for the so-called GEO-tracking. (tracks + pictures.)

Because of his history as an international inline skate guide, he has an extensive knowledge of tracks in the Countryside of Amsterdam.
Think about:

  • Waterland-Oost: from the Vondelpark via Amsterdam East to Durgerdam and than to Marken and Broek in Waterland
  • Zandvoort bike & skate track for groups: great route starting from Amsterdam over Spaarnwoude, Haarlem, the dunes, Bloemendaal to Zandvoort beach.
  • Ouderkerk: along river Amstel checking out the houses (and castles) of the rich & famous in the Golden age and now.

Discover Lex’ drive, his mission as a person and as an entrepreneur (creator of new tours) and freelancer (helping out group clients of DMC’s and international tour operators.

Bike tours in German, French, English or Dutch. | In the city of Amsterdam or in the countryside

Lunch time with the Spanish tour group in Marken in between their countryside bike-tour outside Amsterdam with out of the box tour company Lex and the City

Lunch with the group in Marken during a Lex and the City countryside bike daytrip. May 2019.

Lex has studied, worked and lived in France. He is specialist for tours and outing in French in Amsterdam. (Search engines know that as well.)

Moreover he has guided hundreds of German people in the Netherlands, has German friends and has organized sportive weekends in Berlin.

And is talking and writing English everyday. (And he has done an international Erasmus tourism program on the Bournemouth University.)

Although he also has a good network in Barcelona and Madrid, he does not speak Spanish nor Catalan well. He always says: “Tengo qué apprendrer Espagnol”. (But has not improved yet. ;))

How do you reserve a spot for a private city bike-tour in AMS? (and the rate)

Contact for private guided bike tours: | +31 6 55 337726 | Or show your hotel concierge this private-guide-for-hotelguests-page.

Guided walk along the canals with Lex and the City in Amsterdam

Lex and the City tariff in 2019 for a private city bike tour in Amsterdam is EUR 195,-. Including VAT. Excluding the rent of bikes or Ebikes. 
Daytrips in town and/or in the countryside are invoiced differently; the guiding costs per hour are lower. EUR 300,- including VAT in total for the whole day. 

Joining on an individual basis in a group: The tours are to be found occasionally on third party social websites for offline chat & gathering like Meetup, Internations and Eventbrite.
Please ask us for specific exemples/dates. (Or ask us here for a private tour for a fixed groep.)

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“Whole of Amsterdam biking group tour in 1 day”, including the highlights and the hidden gems | Also Amsterdam-North and East AMS. 

Lex and the City guiding tariff in 2019 for the All you can bike tour Amsterdam is EUR 300,-. Including 21% VAT. For the whole day. Excluding the rent of bikes or Ebikes.

Sporty company by bike: the 9 garden villages of Amsterdam North Put those hidden gems on your bucket list and have fun together. 

Reviews on private guided biking tours Amsterdam by Lex and the City

A review from Maria about the Amsterdam bike tour lexperience in the town center: (2013):

Hi all you bikers! I loved it yesterday. Thanks for your presence and thank YOU Lex to make it happen!
Looking forward to the next activity. Maria

And one from Yolanda:
Enjoy it!! Lex is an awesome guide :):):):)

Matteo about the Eastern Docklands & IJburg tour:
Thanks Lex for let me discover this new part of Amsterdam. You are a very great guide.

Vega from Barcelona about the daytrip to Marken, May 2019: You can use my pictures. And…thank you for the great route. I enjoyed it a lot. I hope to come back.

Lexpat Lex van Buuren organizes social bike tours in Amsterdam East

A specialty of Lex and the City: Storyteller of Amsterdam East

Lex and the City has been an organizer of city tours since 1998.

We have once started in Paris. Check out our press coverage over the years.

Our clients over the years are to be found on the right side of the website.

Lex and the City is also the Storyteller of Amsterdam East.
Offline as well as online. 
Offline: guided group tours like these for groups. Looking for the hidden gems of the city of Amsterdam.
Online: social content creation for third parties in Amsterdam East. (And our own Blogs obviously.)

Contact the local private guide from Lex and the City Amsterdam: | +31 6 55 337726.

Out of the box guide takes care of your stuff during the bike-tour in and around Amsterdam


In which could you consider renting an E-bike for your group tour in Amsterdam or in the countryside?

Plse read our Facebook post above, which contains an evaluation of an E-bike tour which leaded and guided in German in the city of Amsterdam.

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