The storyteller of Amsterdam East: private local guide with tours and online content creator

Offline and online storytelling in Amsterdam East: elevator pitch about p-Oosts & private local guiding

  1. Offline storytelling: tours in Amsterdam East, private local guiding in the street
  2. Online storytelling: blogging about Amsterdam-East and about the tours
  3. “p-Oosting” for third parties: online storytelling: online content creation for local businesses in Amsterdam East: taking care of their SEO copywriting and micro storytelling on social media.

The storyteller of Amsterdam East - The tour leader in Paris - The blogger - Lex van Buuren

Hidden gems in the unusual Amsterdam: tours in the eastern part by local guide Lex

The Eastern part of Amsterdam, Amsterdam-Oost, is developing at an incredible pace; new bars, new restaurant formulas, redecorated parcs, roads and houses.
Check out the unusual Amsterdam with the storyteller of the East; local tourist guide Lex. (And avoid the crowds)

Lex and the City creates “Eastern Lexperiences”: tours in Amsterdam East.
Within the area with the hidden gems of Amsterdam.
Storyteller of Amsterdam Oost. Online and offline; blogger + local tourist guide in East-Amsterdam.
Outings and tours in for example The Indische Buurt. Or at IJburg.
And I blog about the unsual Amsterdam: on my website and at the websites of the partners the Eastern part of town.

Storyteller of Amsterdam East with tours, outings and "lexperiences"

The Windmill of Amsterdam East – Landmark housing the leading beer brewery of the capital.

Offline storyteller: telling stories on the street in East | Local tourist guide for Amsterdam off-the-beaten-track.

Special outings in the neighborhoods of Amsterdam East, each of which is different and develops strongly.

Neighborhoods like IJburg, Oostelijk Havengebied, Indische Buurt, Amsterdam Science Park, Watergraafsmeer (including hip & happening Wibautstraat), Dapperbuurt and Oosterparkbuurt. 

Touring by bike with your own private group, on the scooter/footbike, walking or inline skating lessons and training in Oosterpark.
Amsterdam off the beaten track.

Lex van Buuren is a local tourist guide in Amsterdam East, who lives in the Indische Buurt; in the heart of this off the beaten track area.
His specialty as a guide in East Amsterdam is a 1 hour walk starting from your hotel. And in the neighborhood. Looking for hidden gems of Amsterdam.
Lex and the City tariff in 2019 is EUR 93,-. Including VAT. +31655337726.

Online storyteller part 1: telling stories about Amsterdam East on the internet

Ice on IJburg in Amsterdam-East - The Dutch ready for skating on ice - march2018

Ice in Amsterdam East – IJburg ready for ice skating – march 2018 – Nice lexperience

As a local tourist guide in Amsterdam East, I retain the interest of my target group by also guiding online in Amsterdam East. I do that by writing blogs about the hidden gems of the unusual Amsterdam.

My stories appear on my own website, the websites of partners and on social media. (microblogging)
A connecting term of this offline and online branch is storytelling about Amsterdam East.

These stories about the unusual Amsterdam and her hidden gems are also out of the box; exactly as is the owner and Amsterdam-East itself.

Online storyteller 
part 2: Helping local leisure entrepreneurs in Amsterdam East with online marketing, new formulas and new groups

Off the beaten track tours and outings - In Amsterdam East - With Lex and the City - Eastern Lexperiences

The Python – A “lexcellent lexample” of “Off the beaten track touring” in Amsterdam East

Local entrepreneurs (restaurants, bars, clubs) in Amsterdam East are being served by the digital marketeer Lex and the City by writing texts and making pictures for their website and for their social media. This conline content brand is called Lexposure.
(Our French page.)

We also think about new formulas, off the beaten track events, that can be successful.

Finally, Lex and the City brings together groups who want to discover the hidden gems of the unusual Amsterdam. (For example during a break of an eastern biketour)


Lex van Buuren is online and offline storyteller in Amsterdam EastLex van Buuren van Lex and the City - Verhalenverteller Amsterdam Oost - visitekaartje

An example of online storytelling in Amsterdam East for others:

Lex and the City in East Amsterdam: videoclip of 45 seconds in English

Unique Selling Points from Lex and the City in the unusual Amsterda | The leX factor in storytelling

Lex and the City is valuable for its 2 target groups: groups visiting Amsterdam East and local leisure entrepreneurs.
View the Unique Selling Points top-10 from Lex and the City in the unusual Amsterdam.

Lex van Buuren als lokale verhalenverteller in Amsterdam Oost. Hij praat hier voor de camera over gentrificatie in De Indische Buurt.

Lex out on the street in East, Indische Buurt, for a documentary about gentrification.

  • Local presence (In the midst of Amsterdam East) At your hotel quickly for a 1 hour private walk in a large circle around your hotel. EUR 75,-.
  • 25 years of (l) experience with tourism, outings and groups
  • Speaking 4 languages: English, French, German and Dutch
  • Passion for Amsterdam East; the off the beaten track area in the capital of the Netherlands.
  • Out of the box storyteller
  • Great knowledge about tracks and routes. We were acknowledged by this GPS website
  • Location locator in Amsterdam East (With knowledge about it)
  • Enthusiasm, sportivity
  • Experienced planner and organizer 
  • “Lextra” qualities: Inline skate teacher in Oosterpark, 80’s DJ, Blogger


Request a tailor made tour | The Eastern Lexperiences, Amsterdam East with your own group, your way

Ask Lex for an Eastern Lexperience which suits you(r group). Make your unusual Amsterdam ideas turn into reality with an off the beaten track group activity in Amsterdam East with Lex and the City.
What’s app or phone: +31 6 55 33 77 26 | E-mail: 

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Support the storyteller; the Eastern Lexperiences, Unusual Amsterdam, with a review

The annual Marathon passing by in Amsterdam East Indische Buurt 2017 - Eastern Lexperience

The annual Marathon passing by in Amsterdam East Indische Buurt 2017 – Eastern Lexperience


The “Eastern Lexperiences” herald a “lexciting” leisure chapter for Lex and the City.
Have you been with us on a Skate-A-Round trip? A scooter tour in Amsterdam? A company event and / or bicycle tour in Paris? Did DJ Lextase make the difference for you? 

Then help Lex and the City with her mission by writing a short review about us there. (1 sentence is fine!)



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