Sail & Skate-A-Round Holland | Inline skating adventure in the Netherlands

Meet speed, fitness and recreational skaters from around the world on the water and on wheels!

Skate-A-Round & Sail-A-Round in the Netherlands; a skate holiday in flow. :)

Skating on Texel, in Friesland and arounf the Ijsselmeer in Holland

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Skate-A-Round has been organizing skate tours and skate holidays since 1998. With thousands of inline skaters we have discovered Paris, Barcelona, London, Berlin, New York, The French Riviera, Denmark, Switzerland and the Netherlands on inline skates. :)

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Pictures and videoclips of Skate-A-Round, of the sailing boats, of the skating…

  • Sail & Skate-A-Round Holland 2011 pictures July by Lex and by Jean-Marie & pictures of August
  • What Klaus from Germany told us recently: Hei Lex, I met you at the Best of Holland Tour in Juli 2006. It was one of the best tours I have ever made.
  • 12 years afterwards a client published a video of the “Skate Lexperience” we have been organizing in New York;
  • Facebook Skate & Sail BUZZ (become a fan.)
  • Spanish inline skater from Barcelona shows the sailing boat, is grateful for the skate & sail week and asks Lex: 



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