AMS-North: both hip and scenic | Mills | Twiske recreational area | Historic houses  | nature | Private | High end | refreshing | Zaanse Schans: wooden shoes, cheese and (many) windmills.
A bike tour to Zaanse Schans with your local guide is an offbeat excursion Amsterdam with a combination of attractive items.

Zaanse Schans with loads of mills, cheese and clogs above Amsterdam- Picture by Lex and the City private bike tours
Biking from Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans, the place where you will find these kind of houses.


To the Zaanse Schans by bike with your private group | Ask the Lex and the City Amsterdam guide to lead you the way.

Lex and the City private tour guides in front of the (many) windmills of the Zaanse Schans – in 2019. Sven was biking and Lex was skating.

The Zaanse Schans is one of the major tourist attractions of the Netherlands.  Historic mills and green wooden houses were relocated here to recreate the look of an 18th/19th-century village. If still needed, first read more about the Zaanse Schans on their website. It’ll bring you into a stereotype ancient world of wooden shoes (clogs), cheese farms, cows and flowers, however it represents our history. 

Our role is to show you the scenic bike route from Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans, come up with appealing stories about it during the offbeat excursion Amsterdam, and be your guide at the Zaanse Schans as well

Day trip to the Zaanse Schans, riding a bike, footbike or by inline skates (or a combination). Get a bit into the everyday lives of people from the Netherlands, as this is not a standard touristic trail. (Try find other suppliers doing it; OKOK probably one other. ;))

Bike ride out, being a nice combination with the Amsterdam highlights and hidden gems and, in spring, with the tulips in North-Holland; the world’s single biggest flower bulb field.

Guided Bike Tour to Zaanse schans | Day trip above Amsterdam: including your private guide upon arrival.

Cycle tour Amsterdam - Zaanse Schans - Passing by nice houses
Cycle tour Amsterdam – Zaanse Schans – Passing by nice houses in Oostzaan. (And then continueing the ride to Zaanse Schans.)

An offbeat excursion from Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans: starting from your hotel or B&B(?), heading for the small ferry to the North, discovering the Northern part of Amsterdam (with a great mill), showing you the green area with appealing bike paths, “t Twiske”.   

Guided bicycle tour. Or by footbike (scooter) One way is appr. 22 km. With time for swimming, good food, connecting and tanning. It is also a great way to be in less touristic surroundings, before arriving at the Zaanse Schans. The bike lanes are almost…Zen. ;)  For the tour planners out there: calculate 4 hours of biking to Zaanse Schans and spotting.  

Off the beaten track tour along tree-lined bike paths for families (Children adore it.), business and even VIP groups, eager to get to know famous spots in the neighbourhood of Amsterdam. With a curious eye.
Possibly part of an incentive trip. Or company outing. The beautiful scenery North of A’dam and visiting the mills could be a inspiring addition to your NL business trip.

Lex and the City private tours above Amsterdam: tailor made, safe & cool, offbeat and for the curious eye.

Tulpentour met Lex and the City - privé uitstap en eerst langs Zaanse Schans
Lex van Buuren on inline skates + bike in front of the Zaanse Schans. Lex and the City takes its customers, private groups, to the highlights above Amsterdam.

Your out of the box Amsterdam-and-above tour leader speaks 4 languages: French, English, German and of course Dutch as well.

Lex van Buuren is local tour guide himself and has people around him who embrace the same leX-factor culture.

Looking for the highlights above Amsterdam. With a curious eye.

Eye for individuality and conditions.

We could rent bikes for you. 

Great offbeat excursion amsterdam solution as well for DMC’s, group planners and incentive houses.



Private bike tour to the Zaanse Schans: what to do and what to see during this offbeat excursion Amsterdam

Op weg met de fiets naar de Zaanse Schans. Strak blauwe lucht.
Cycling with your private group to the Zaanse Schans. Along a beautiful windmill in Amsterdam North. – All pictures made and owned by Lex and the City private tours

Cycle route Amsterdam – Zaanse Schans (and possible back.) | One way: appr. 22 km

The bike track does not show the ferry back from NDSM to Central Station. (An interesting sightseeing tour by the way, including the Westerdok area and great view over AMS Central Station.)

It is not necessary to make it a daytrip, what counts is the time you need to go there. Google maps says it is 17 km, however that is not the scenic version.The touristic one is 22 km.

If your hotel is based in town itself, 3 hours would be more work than fun, in the case of a company outing. I’d say hardly impossible, taking into account not everyone will be a trained cyclist.

Moreover we ask our customers to create the timespace needed to fully enjoy the trip; including enjoying unexpected, surprising moments. :)
And for yourself you should count the time being there, for example 2 hours.

Think about a rather quick way back by bike: 19,8 km.
Over the hip and happening NDSM wharf, and on the best bike lines. (Public transport is a bit boring and NDSM is one big hidden gem of Amsterdam. Google it and enjoy “Kraanspoor” for example.
If you have a rather young (at heart) crew, I’d say go 4 it and leave the bus to others. ;)

(We have also discovered the part above Zaanse Schans, and that is great as well by the way. For the record.)

The Zaanse Schans full day trip for private groups: pricing

Scenic Landsmeer trail with beautiful houses - Tour guide Lex van Buuren tells the story while biking or skating to the Zaanse Schans
Scenic Landsmeer trail with beautiful houses – Tour guide tells the story while biking or skating to the Zaanse Schans

For incentive houses, DMC’s and group-planners: You get an invoice without VAT, asking you to pay VAT in your own country.

Contact about private tour The Zaanse Schans by bike, starting from Amsterdam, for small groups 

The Mill of 't Twiske recreational area with great bike road heading for The Zaanse Schans.
Windmill of ’t Twiske recreational area, with great bike path heading for the Zaanse Schans

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Below you see more pictures of “The Zaanse Schans privately by bike, footbike or skate”.

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The landing page of the private guide Amsterdam Lex and the City with best kept secret tours in French, German, English and Dutch.

Amsterdam-North with the Adam Tower, including the Amsterdam Lookout with the swing on the roof - First part of the private bike tour to the Zaanse Schans with Lex and the City tours.
Amsterdam-North with the Adam Tower, including the Amsterdam Lookout with the swing on the roof – First part of this private bike tour.

Contact form for the Zaanse Schans private excursion from AMS. 

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(Wir könnten uns auch unterhalten auf Deutsch.)


Take your time to enjoy the guided bike tour AND de Zaanse Schans. 

If you choose for a countryside tour like Zaanse Schans, I advice not to set 2 goals for the day.
Or alternatively choose for a city bike tour in the morning and give your people spare time in the afternoon.
Zaanse Schaans is even a “countryside tour +” as there is the visit itself as well. (There is pretty much to see and do.)

Travel program with tulip bicycle guide in the north of North-Holland, to the largest flower bulb field in the world.

Press this wonderful recommendation from Pennings from Breezand for the private tulip tours of Lex and the City. (By the way, he has used our Amsterdam Holland bike – mill postcard for this purpose. )

Pennings bollen en bloemen uit Breezand raadt Lex and the City aan voor tours langs de bollenvelden en bloemen in de Kop van Noord-Holland.


Lex van Buuren persoonlijke sportieve coach in Amsterdam
Your bike tour leader and Zaanse Schans guide

More pictures of the Zaanse Schans guided bike tour | Lexperience Lexposure 

Maker and owner of the photos, made during our private tours: Lex and the City bike trips.
Our partners in tourism are invited to use them for their own promotion. :)


“This morning I have been footbiking to Zaanse Schans in the early morning. On my bucketlist was still to bike on my own at Zaanse Schans without seeing or meeting anyone. It turned out the way I had fancied it.”

Lex, 7th of June, 2020.


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Best moment to go to Zaanse Schans now. reLexed on skates here. #microadventures #inlineskating

Een bericht gedeeld door Lex van Buuren (@amsterdam_lexperience) op

Mondkapjes amsterdam thuis bezorgd - skatekoerier - Prachtig weer en schitterend asfalt in Amsterdam-Noord om te skaten

Steppen met de groep in Amsterdam-Noord met Lex and the City tours
Footbiking group in scenic Amsterdam – North (Noorderpark, Buiksloterdijk)
Lex van Buuren van Lex and the City organiseert uitjes en tours in Amsterdam-Oost. Daarnaast online content creatie voor bedrijven in Amsterdam Oost.
Our postcard, distributed over hotel concierges in Amsterdam

Biking during an incentive trip in the Netherlands and on Texel with Lex and the City tours


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