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(possible as well on inline skates or footbike)

This page is about fun active and pleasant tours to the Floriade 2022. By that local guide and blogger from Amsterdam and surroundings.

Groene excursie naar de Floriade 2022, de Nederlandse versie

Think of the following Lex and the City tours, organized to and around the Floriade in Almere:

Pictures of the discovery of the Floriade area in 2020.


And now we give you the translation of the text accompagning the pictures:
I Went to Almere yesterday to see the progress of the Floriade Expo 2022.
A great tour of the site was organized. (Thanks for that.)

I went there by bike from Amsterdam. Firstly because I like that, but also to look at the possibilities of organizing bicycle tours around the Floriade. Here you can see several photos I took along the way.

And the first photo is the start of the tour on site. Almere and the surrounding area are very suitable for sporty tours and I will certainly do that during the Floriade. Think of cycling, scootering and skating.

Photo: Sjef Dierkx


The languages that we can speak during the private tours

Our private tours are possible in French, English, German and Dutch.


Floriade theme growing green cities suits Lex and the City

The sustainable eco theme of the Floriade 2022 fits in well with how Lex and the City is working in Amsterdam on the subject of the circular economy. Check out our new sustainability tour in Amsterdam.


Bike-track from Amsterdam-East to Floriade 2022. 

Approach that Amsterdam active, passionate guide on wheels for a trip to the Floriade.

Would you like to talk to me, local guide, about fun sports outings in and around Almere during the Floriade 2022? (And about bike rides there from Amsterdam?)
Then try that What’s app button on the right.

The area around Almere also appeals to me from my role as an inline skater and skate teacher. Since it is relatively new country, most of the bike paths are great for skating. Even the Almere station has a cycle path! †

Almere also had the first signposted skatepad (in the world?) 20 years ago.
Also the traffic lights with a skate instead of a pedestrian are great for me.
Almere and also Lelystad should use inline skating much more as their USP! Yes, I am really an Almere skate fan.

Verkenning van de fietstoer en skatetocht naar het Floriade terrein vanaf Amsterdam door de Amsterdamse tourgids van Lex and the City - Foto genomen op de Gooimeerdijk-West door hem.
Exploration of the cycle route to the Floriade site from Amsterdam by the Amsterdam guide from Lex and the City – Photo taken at Gooimeerdijk-West


Watch the video of the Floriade yourself.

A video clip about the Floriade 2022 in Almere, Flevoland. (From the local organization)

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