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Welcome to the general conditions of Lex and the City, provider of unusual private guided tours in Amsterdam and North-Holland.
(The so-called small print.)

Here we go:

“Sporty? I’m not.”

Private guided tours on the bike - Passing by Rijksmuseum Amsterdam on wheels
Lex and the City means by sporty: “using your muscles”. In our view, a walk is also sporty.
Even during private boat tours we encourage people to exercise. On large boats by creating a dance floor (Amstel | IJ) or by stopping for a walk or Jeu de Boules.
Want to know more about what drives us every day? Read Lex and the City’s mission statement.

Number of persons per group per private guide

The maximum is 10, sometimes 12 people per group, per private tour guide. Because we have the experience that a larger group poses a danger at crossings, we make it into groups of +10 resp. 12 people, two groups.
By the way, on wheels (biking, footbiking and inline skating) it is 8 persons max. per touring group. (outside the centre? 10 persons.)

“Amsterdam differently”. Adam tower with Madam and the AMS Lookout Amsterdam North
Typical example of “Amsterdam different”. Adam tower with Madam and the AMS Lookout –  North

Alcohol on wheels? Not more than allowed by law.

Participants of the guided tours on wheels that arrive at the start of the sportive private tour and apparently have drunk more alcohol than permitted before are not included. Refunds are not possible.

Drinking alcohol during the break from the group outing by bicycle, scooter or skates is allowed until the law permits, meaning half a liter of beer.
If you drink too much anyway, you will take a taxi van back at your own expense and also take the bicycle, scooter or skates to the garage.

This rule does not apply to walks. (Although the rule applies: “in moderation”.





Payment of the private tour in Amsterdam or surroundings.

Lex and the City will send you a booking confirmation or invoice for the private tour after you have approved the offer or offer on this website.

Unsusual Amsterdam - ZuidAs with Lex and the City guided tours
Unusual Amsterdam – ZuidAs with Lex and the City tours

A deposit of 30% or, in the case of a last minute, the entire amount must then be transferred within 7 days.
48 Hours before the start, 100% of the invoice sum must be in our account.
Payment for the private tour is made by 1 person of the group for all participants.

Payment is made by bank transfer, sometimes partly in cash. Or with a payment request before your tour and/or experience via Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Apple pay, Bancontact, Vpay .

Weather (forecast) and touring

If there is no dangerous weather the moment we are about to start hitting the road together, then the Lex and the City tour goes on. During a shower we can take shelter.  And perhaps in the meantime enjoy the limited waiting times in cafes and before attractions, the clear air precisely because of the rain and the sun suddenly appearing after a rain shower. And even in case there is rain during the day, it might still be dry during your tour. 

By the way: what is the definition of bad weather? Nowadays it is sometimes +30 degrees here, and there are people (like the person who writes this article.) who prefers drizzle instead of high temperatures and heavy sunshine while touring.

The tour can be canceled however (free of charge) in case of danger. Such as when it rains very heavy or when it freezes with icy roads, in case of heavy + dangerous wind or in case of thunderstorms. Biking with 39 degrees? We consider that dangerous too.
Cancellation would take place uniquely 24 hours in advance or at the day itself because weather predictions longer than 24 hours ahead for us are an indication, not a certainty.

In case of cancellation, a new date for the private tour in Amsterdam or surroundings can (could) be planned in consultation between the parties.

We can also look together if in the event of a cancellation there is an alternative for that moment that “works” for both parties.

For other circumstances, we recommend the umbrella, raincoat or sunglasses. (We bring some ponchos and rain jackets for people who have forgotten their rain gear. But ponchos do not breathe. Especially on the footbike, they are actually not the best stuff. Many people have something better in the closet at home. We’d say: take it with you. ;)

Lokale gids Tomas van Lex and the City tours vertelt een verhaal over Amsterdam-Noord op de fiets met de privé groep.
Rain or shine: let’s make it a great (L)experience! Picture: a compelling story by Tommy at the new IJ-Boulevard facing Amsterdam North.

Lex and the City tours cancellation policy

Guided private boat tour starting in front of the windmill with Lex and the City in Amsterdam - Outing
Lex and the City best kept secret hang out in Amsterdam East. At the mill indeed. (terrace, waterside…not too bad)

In case you want to cancel all or part of the reservation, the following rules apply:

more than 8 weeks before the outing: 10%;
between 8-4 weeks before the tour: 20%;
between 4-2 weeks before the tour: 33%;
between 2-1 weeks for a private tour in Amsterdam: 50%;
between 7-2 days before the trip: 75%;
within 48 hours before the guided tour in Amsterdam: 100%.
Cancellations must be made in writing. You can also do this by E-mail or Whats app.

You are a participant of the private tour in Amsterdam at your own risk. (And you should be able to bike in a busy town.)

There is a so-called “risk acceptance” with Lex and the City sporty private tours.
This means that you as a customer also realize that there is a certain risk when you do something fun with the group. It’s a great city, but there are also dangers lurking in traffic in particular.

Moreover: is everyone in your group able to bike in a busy town center for 2-3 hours? It is obviously an obligation to participate.

Tailor made private guided tours Amsterdam - Jordaan
Tailor made private guided tours Amsterdam – Jordaan

You are a participant of the private tour at your own risk. Lex and the City accepts no liability for damage – of any damage – arising from accidents.

Lex and the City’s liability for damage or injury is in any case limited or limited. excluded in accordance with the relevant international conventions. Lex and the City also accepts no liability for damage for which there is a claim for compensation under insurance or government benefits.


Other details regarding the unusual private tour in Amsterdam 

Steppen met sterren in Amsterdam - met AT5 en Lex and the City tours
“Scooting with the celeb’s” in Amsterdam – with AMS TV station AT5 en Lex and the City tours

This website has been compiled with the utmost care. However, we accept no liability for its contents.
The person who books a private tour for (also) other participants is jointly and severally liable for all others he / she registers.
Always follow the instructions of your (experienced) private guide.

Apparent errors and mistakes do not bind Lex and the City. Obvious mistakes are mistakes that everyone can see should * be * wrong.
Our working method for catering is that we invoice an estimated amount.
Later, when the final is made, we will see if it works out favorably or slightly less financially for Lex and the City.
Is practical, saves mutual actions.
In addition, our reward is discounted in the onions, which is slightly higher for one and lower for the other.


For agents and tour operators

Watergraafsmeer bij Huize Franckendael

Some tour are pretty new, and we may need to be able to make improvements over the year in both content in and prices. That includes in a rare case, stopping temporarily. At the same time we honor anytime all group bookings and matching contracts already made. We realize this is not ideal for a large organization like yours’. But freedom is very important to us. As we have just started with preparing for upcoming year, it is best to view the prizes as late as possible. Best is to request for a group for a certain date, including a prize question. Please see content and prizes as an insight. At the same, that would the contract between you and us: the separate quotations.
A free bike tour + bike rental for the tour guide is OK.

Amsterdam guided a bit differently - off the beaten track tours - Prinseneiland - Tours guided differently as well with out of the box tour guide
Amsterdam guided differently – off the beaten track & unusual tours – Prinseneiland – Tours guided differently as well with out of the box tour guide Lex van Buuren

Special wishes during the active outing.

We try to comply with this.

Copyright photos of the private guided tours 

The content on this website is copyright of Lex and the City.


We are Flexy and we know it.

Quote from our beloved Deepak Chopra:

“Today I will step in the unknown; today I will trust the unknown”. Treat every day as an adventure.

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