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Unexpected excursion above Amsterdam: Texel Island by bike (or skating)

Sheep on Texel Island – Private excursion.

Day trip to Texel, the island for biking and inline skating.
A good combination with Amsterdam and, in spring, with the tulips in North-Holland;
the world’s single biggest flower bulb field.

This private active day trip shows biking and “high-end” can actually match.

Tour for families, business and VIP groups, eager to get to know new spots in the neighbourhood of Amsterdam. With a curious eye.
Possibly part of an incentive trip.

Privé tours Texel – Noord-Holland (Nederlandse pagina)

Day tour: driver from Amsterdam, cycling guide and/or tour guide on skates on Texel for international groups.

Dagtour Texel met ronde op de fiets of skate privé
Sporty on the way to the Koog. (2013) – picture made by Lex and the City private tours

Since 2001 we, Skate•A•Round and Lex and the City, offer cycling and skating tours on Texel.
A day trip to / on Texel: skating or by bike (approx. 42 km) with time for the beach, swimming, good food, connecting and tanning. :)

We start the day travel program with the group in Amsterdam. (By car or minivan to Texel + ferry 15 min. ⇔)

Private tours above Amsterdam: tailor made, safe & cool, unusual and for the curious eye.

Texel Island for incentive groups - Customized excursion with Lex and the City toursYour out of the box Amsterdam-and-above tour leader speaks 4 languages: French, English, German and of course Dutch as well.
Lex van Buuren is local tour guide himself and has people around him who embrace the same
leX-factor culture.

Looking for the highlights above Amsterdam. With a curious eye.

Eye for individuality and conditions.

Bikes to be picked up right after the arrival on Texel Island.

Texel by private bike tour: what to do and what to see

Lex van Buuren on inline skates and surrounded by sheep on Texel Island
Lex van Buuren on inline skates and surrounded by sheep on Texel Island (2011)



Privégids Texel neemt je mee naar Oudeschild
Oudeschild; yes we do stop here. Of course. ;) Picture: Andreas Setzer from Germany. (Who have joined as well.)

This route is standard 42 km and can be adapted according to need, time and condition.
For example, it is possible to include Den Burg. Den Burg is located in the middle of (and not on) the standard route.
The most famous lighthouse of Texel is located in De Cocksdorp and that would immediately increase the route by at least 20 km.
Ecomare is not on the route either, but can also be integrated.

So for every customer and for every DMC we can and will offer custom f-Lexability.
It is especially easy with cycling on Texel, as there are loads of appealing alternatives. (including by-passes)

The bike | skate route on Texel: sheep, beach, flat, picturesque villages… 

(This Texel bike – skate track has been recorded in 2013 during a group trip and starts from the boat, which is located in the southern tip of Texel.
Oudeschild – De Waag – the beach – De Koog – the dunes and, again, the ferry. (42 km)

Texel island full day trip for private groups: pricing

Texel als privé excursie vanuit Amsterdam met Lex and the City
Under the dike on Texel on a bicycle path with skates and bicycles

For incentive houses, DMC’s and group planners within the EU: You get an invoice without VAT, asking to pay VAT in your own country.


Contact about customized Texel by bike for small groups 

Ferry to Texel to bike with your private tour - nice sunny view from the ferry - group excursion Lex and the City
To Texel to bike with your private group – view from the ferry – group tour with Lex and the City

+31655337726 | [email protected]

Below you see more pictures of “Texel privately by bike or skate”.

General conditions

The landing page of the private local guide Amsterdam Lex and the City with tailor made tours in French, German, English and Dutch.





Contact with hotel concierges in order to make the Texel private excursion tailor made.

Goede content voor SEO in toerisme door Lex van Buuren
On the sailing boat with the international fitness group (2011)

Are you a hotel concierge?

Chk our private tours page for hotel concierges and Meetings & Incentive hotelmanagers.



Travel program with tulip bicycle guide in the north of North-Holland, to the largest flower bulb field in the world.

Press this wonderful recommendation from Pennings from Breezand for the private tulip tours of Lex and the City. (By the way, he has used our Amsterdam Holland bike – mill postcard for this purpose. )

Pennings bollen en bloemen uit Breezand raadt Lex and the City aan voor tours langs de bollenvelden en bloemen in de Kop van Noord-Holland.


Lex van Buuren persoonlijke sportieve coach in Amsterdam
Your tour guide and chauffeur Texel

More pictures of the Texel tailor made tour | Lexperience Lexposure 

Maker and owner of the photos, made during our group tours, having started in 2001 – : Lex and the City private trips.
Our partners in tourism are invited to use them for their own promotion. :)

Oudeschild – Texel Island – Great stop for a “appeltaart”.
Water joy and a Heineken beer during a private group trip in Holland with Lex and the City tours
Enjoying the water and a beer during a private group tour in Holland with Lex and the City
Great bike paths on Texel Island - Tailor made tour
Great bike paths on Texel Island – Tailor made tour


Dedicated Skate and Sail trip(s) organized by us (2001 – 2011) * Including Texel island obviously ;) Press the picture for a review from Germany. (below the page)

Tailor made bike tour Texel - inline skating possible as well

Biking during an incentive trip in the Netherlands and on Texel with Lex and the City tours

Passing by sailing boats in North Holland during the countryside trips for private international groups - Lex and the City
Passing by sailing boats – Picture Lex and the City (all featered pictures, by the way)

Birds on the water of Texel Island - Group trip starting from AMS - Lex and the City excursions

Lex van Buuren on a private sailing boat Texel and Friesland
Lex van Buuren on private sailing boat Texel and Friesland. With German customer. Group tour with skaters and some bikers as well. 2011

Texel landscape - During incentive trips with Lex and the City day trips

Texel beach - Break during Lex and the City group bike international tour

Dunes of Texel - Incentive excursions with Lex and the City tours

Skating and biking Texel island – The Netherlands great country with magnificent bike paths – Family tour

Biking and skating in the dunes of Texel island with the private groups - Lex and the City excursion

Enjoying fish, view, history and company on Texel island, oudeschild - Group adventure with Lex and the City trips

Lex van Buuren of Skate-A-Round skating with a nice group on Texe island - 2018
Tour leader Lex van Buuren on Texel (both biking and skating in the dunes.)
Happy people on the Texel Island Lex and the Cirty group flow trip - august 2018
Happy people on the Texel Island Lex and the Cirty group flow trip – august 2018

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Free publicity and (reviews) clients: Lexposure

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