Skate teacher in Amsterdam | Private | Finally learn how to brake well on your skates. :)

Lex van Buuren is inline skate teacher specialized in teaching how to brake well on skates

Private inline skate teacher Lex van Buuren at Zaanse Schans | April 2019

Always wanted to participate in the Friday Night Skate Amsterdam, but is braking still hard for you?

Finally, learn how to brake well during an inline skate workshop!
Reserve a private inline skating lesson with Skate-A-Round in Amsterdam Vondelpark or Oosterpark. (Or one of the other 5 parcs with good tarmac.)

Skateles pagina in het Nederlands

I am a private inline skate teacher with +20 years of (L)experience. Meaning I teach from absolute beginners until people who would like te learn to skate backwards through the cones. (and everything in between.)


Private skate lesson in Amsterdam Vondelpark by Lex Skate-A-Round

Amsterdam: inline skating hotspot :)

Seven hotspots for roller blading lessons in Amsterdam: Rembrandtpark, Diemerpark, Noorderpark, Westerpark, Park Franckendael, Oosterpark & Vondelpark

The Vondelpark is traditionally the number 1 hotspot for inline skating. 
However, the Oosterpark has a great new surface for roller blading, so we do both. 

The Vondelpark has a bigger loop: 3.3 km. (Oosterpark 1.35 km)
Oosterpark has the newest surface. It is not even finished yet for the full 100%, but that is no problem for the skate workshop.
Other great options with smooth asphalt: Park Franckendael, Diemerpark (IJburg. Fine for inline speedskating), Noorderpark (downhill skating option), Westerpark and Rembrandtpark.

Heel Stop on inline skates | By private inline skate trainer Lex van Buuren | Short “how to break on skates video” of 10 seconds

This brief video on how to brake on inline skates with the heel stopper has been taken by Monika in the Vondelpark, Amsterdam on the 3rd of June 2019. During the special Friday Night Skate brake lesson.

The emphasis during the inline skate workshop will be on the heelstop. And on fear reduction. Discover the 5 steps to reach your goal. You will not find these 5 steps on any Youtube braking videoclip. It is a result of teaching how to brake on skates for more than 20 years. Easy does it.

About skate teacher Lex van Buuren from skateschool Skate-A-Round

Lex van Buuren in the press as a skate teacher in Groningen - Friday Fun Skate 2011

Lex van Buuren in the press as a skate teacher in Groningen – Friday Fun Skate 2011

Your roller skate teacher Lex van Buuren is the owner of the inline skate brand “Skate-A-Round, certified IISA Skate Teacher, administrator of Facebook group “Skateclub Amsterdam” and has been volunteer of Friday Night Skate Amsterdam since 1998.

He has been teaching inline skating in Paris, London, The French Riviera, New York, Barcelona, Groningen, Texel and of course in Amsterdam.

About the inline skating rental & the time of the lesson in Amsterdam

Bring your own skates and protection! (If you don’t have your own skates you can rent them with “Skatedokter”.).

I am available in case I do not have something else planned.
In case of rain or wet surface we cancel the rollerblade lesson 1-2 hours before the start.

Protection is mandatory. Including a helmet. Participation at your own risk.

Private Inline Skate workshop Amsterdam with Lex van Buuren

Lex van Buuren teaching how to brake on inline skates. (Picture by “Het Parool”; local newspaper of Amsterdam.)


How much does the inline skate workshop cost?

Skate-A-Round inline skate workshop AmsterdamEUR 72,50 including VAT (BTW) per private lesson for 1 person. (about 1 hour and a half.)
With more persons the total price will be an additional EUR 7,50 per person more.

Connect with private inline skate teacher Lex van Buuren of skateschool Skate-A-Round

Lex organises a free day trip to Texel every year. (Ask for an entry to this private FB  event)

+31 6 55 33 77 26 (What’s app as well) | | The new Facebook page of skateschool Skate-Round

Local private guide on inline skates as well | For international inline skate groups

As Lex is a local private guide in Amsterdam as well, he can also guide you or your group through the city of AMS. Or in the countryside; like in Waterland or along river Amstel . We can even include a skate lesson while moving from A to B. (“skate lexercises”)

A great way to get to know Amsterdam, learn new skate tricks, socialize and work out. So join and follow the local tourist guide on inline skates.

Lex has been volunteer for Friday Night Skate as well for 21 years now, giving him a rich knowledge of skatetracks, procedures to follow in town and dealing with roads and traffic. Next to that he has been starting his own private skate service for groups. Meaning tours, travel and lessons. (since 1998)

Een bedrijfsevent inclusief een cursus zakelijk verleiden | Met Lex and the City in Amsterdam-OostFor international groups there are 3 options: an exchange with the locals in the form of a tour (or weekend) together in the countryside for example, a guided tour by Skate-A-Round and just giving maps.
Maps: I got my own and they are to be found on the web in several places.
I give you one skatetrack map in the countryside of Amsterdam from my own library which I like very much. Or this skateroute; to Amsterdam beach (Zandvoort, the boulevard)

Skate-A-Round has been organizing international skate weekends and/or skatedays in Amsterdam for Planet Roller from Paris, Skatefresh from London, Rodats from Barcelona (chk beneath) and Madrid Patina. Always in close co-operation with Friday Night Skate Amsterdam.

Plse be in time. Organizers like you and me need time to prepare. To think. To fantasise.

Rodats from Barcelona, publishing the skateday and skatetrack with us, Skate-A-Round: (enjoy) | May 2019. 


Skatefresh from London, announcing a fully booked skatetrip to Amsterdam. (July 2017)

After the roller skating lessons and practicing yourself, you are ready for a skate tour.

An inline skate tour is a great way to practice your technique, get to know new people, catching up with old friends, enjoying the countryside (or city), work on your fitness and even do some networking.

This video shows an example of an inline skate tour in the countryside of East Amsterdam. It is the Sunday Morning Skate; organized by Willem from Amsterdam and Gerard from Haarlem. I have made this 10 seconds video with 10 inline skaters by going in front and than get my camera.

Great group feeling in Amsterdam East - Eastern Docklands - Friday Night Skate - June 2019

Friday Night Skate Amsterdam in the Eastern Docklands: an appealing perspective after your rollerblading brake lesson. Picture (C) Lex van Buuren from Lex and the City and Skate-A-Round. June 2019.

The Skatelessons in “Het Oosterpark” are part of 
“the Eastern Lexperiences”:


IJburg: great combination of superb tarmac (great surface for inline skating) and… Amsterdam beach.

(Do not count in the surface on the beach here… that is not fair. ;))

Want to learn something special? Breaking on inline skates 2.0? Introducing the heel stop one foot

After having learned braking on inline skates the standard way, it is time for some (L)extension.
The “Heel stop 1 foot” is a (L)exercise where you (L)exclusively break on your stopper.
Your left skate is in the air.

This video has been made by Monika Guranova. (a student from skate teacher Amsterdam, Lex van Buuren.)

Wrapping up this skate lessons page with something else: learn how to carve on inline skates | Youtube clip

We wrap up this page about private roller blading lessons in Amsterdam with a trigger. 
Carving on inline skates is what Lex adores to do.
And he loves to teach it too.
To you for example. :)

This brief video has been made by Sven Lippert.

Other Lex and the City services in English.

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