This webpage contains a story about inline skate lessons for kids in different parks with good tarmac in Amsterdam. The story is about how I have come to the decision to continue teaching kids. 

Webpage visitors ask Skate•A•Round questions about inline skating lessons for their child in Amsterdam

Two friends from 9 years’ old: Fenna and Isa (right), ready for their Skate-A-Round lesson in Amsterdam.

Questions like these have popped up in my mail/what’s app-box in the first two months of this year:

The teaching of young children is a hot topic for me as I get requests from parents  for teaching their 5-6-7-8-9 years’ old kid.



The recent story of a mother in “Mokum” who convinced me to carry on with kidsproof rollerblading lessons 

Suzanne and her child Cleo in Park Frankendael

Read this story of a mother who took a Skate-A-Round lesson together with her daughter.

I first felt uncertain what to offer and which minimum age to set, because I got the feeling young children do not hear what I say.  So I have called client and mother Suzanne who I have recently taught her 5-year old daughter skating. (Together with her by the way; chk the picture.)

She told me the child is progressing greatly, is very enthusiastic, she sends videos to me, and the child is talking about my teaching quite a lot.

I have kept some parents at hold but after this phone call (recently, March 2021) I should (and will, and did) change my mind.


Skate•A•Round teaching style to kids in Amsterdam

Press on the Skate-A-Round logo for shortfacts about inline skating lessons in Amsterdam with a private inline skating teacher from Skate-A-Round. So we could make an appointment in a park in Amsterdam.

Have a nice skateful day,

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PS: send me an app if you’re in need for a good rollerskating (quad) contact of Skate-A-Round. She starts teaching rollerskating (quad skating) with 7 years old children by the way.

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