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This webpage contains information about inline skate lessons for kids in different parks with good tarmac in Amsterdam. I teach more in English than in Dutch at the moment. And more and more children are coming to the skate lessons, mostly with their parents, who partly also participate themselves.


Webpage visitors ask Skate•A•Round questions about inline skating lessons for their child in Amsterdam (and Amstelveen)

Questions like these have popped up in my mail/what’s app-box in the first two months of this year:

Inline skate lessons in Amsterdam in the 10 most comfortable parks, like Park Frankendael, with Skate-A-Round and Lex and the City
Two friends from 9 years’ old: Fenna and Isa (right), ready for their Skate-A-Round lesson in Amsterdam. (Park Frankendael)

The teaching of young children is a hot topic for me as we get requests from parents  for teaching their 5-6-7-8-9 years’ old kid. A lot of them are expats, and it is one of the reasons this page is written in English.

We have decided for teaching children of 5 years’ old and older. (Me, Lex, I have decided for a minimum age of 8. However my Skate•A•Round teaching partner teaches children starting at the age of 5.)

The recent story of a mother in Amsterdam who convinced me to carry on with kids-proof rollerblading lessons 

Skate lesson for children in Amsterdam East - Park Frankendael - Mother Suzanne with daughter Cleo
Suzanne and her child Cleo in Park Frankendael

Read this story of a mother who took a Skate•A•Round lesson together with her daughter.

I first felt uncertain what to offer and which minimum age to set, because I got the feeling young children do not hear what I say.  So I have called client and mother Suzanne who I have recently taught her 5-year old daughter skating. (Together with her by the way; chk the picture.)

She told me the child is progressing greatly, is very enthusiastic, she sends skating videos to me, and the child is talking about my teaching quite a lot.

I have kept some parents at hold but after this phone call I should (and will, and did) change my mind.

However I think the age of 8 is the minimum age for me after all. For my Skate•A•Round teaching partner who teaches children quite a lot,  it is 5.

Skate•A•Round teaching style to kids in Amsterdam and Amstelveen.
Inline skate route Amstelveense Bos - Skating Beneath Amsterdam city

Quote about private skate lessons for a child with Skate-A-Round on a location in Amstelveen.

Skate•A•Round Amsterdam: just private lessons, however…

Skate•A•Round does not do group lessons. If you prefer, we could help you with a contact for kids group lessons. Care on…
Group class: discount 10% with our code. (In Amstelveen, Wednesdays starting 18:00)

Skate teacher Raymond quotes about children’s inline skates:

It is important that:

De Strandeilandlaan is de nieuwste lesgeefplek voor inline skaters in Amsterdam. Met Skate-A-Round privélessen, zo je wilt. - Dit is een verborgen parel qua skateles spot .

The inline skates are actually customised. Children grow, I get that, but just as it is unpleasant to rollerblade with pinched feet, it is just as unpleasant for a child to go out with rollers that are too large.

Those adjustable inline skates seem handy at first glance, but you can only adjust them in length, not width. The second issue of those adjustable shoes is that the sole of the foot is already adjusted to the print of your foot. If you can, you can adjust the shoe size, but not the imprint, unless you put new soles in it.

2. The rolling. You often see that cheap inline skates do not roll well. The frame material is made of soft plastic and occasionally pinches the wheels, which then do not roll well. The child then has to kick himself completely to move forward. But hey, money is an issue as well. ;)


Landing page of Skate•A•Round Amsterdam private courses

Skate-A-Round workshops en persoonlijke groei Amsterdam

Press on the Skate•A•Round logo ⇑ for shortfacts about inline skating lessons in Amsterdam with a private inline skating teacher from Skate•A•Round. So we could make an appointment in a park in Amsterdam.

Have a nice skateful day,

Lex, skate teacher Amsterdam | Skate-A-Round on Facebook

PS: send me an app if you’re in need for a good rollerskating (quad) contact of Skate•A•Round. She starts teaching rollerskating (quad skating) with 7 years old children by the way.

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