Since 1998

Skate-A-Round teaches people from Amstelveen regularly, however it does so normally in one of the Amsterdam parks with good tarmac.

Now it has added to 2 spots in the Amstelveen area for a private inline-skate class.
The first is the Peter Postbaan (In the midst of Amstelveen), the other one on the edge; in Amsterdamse Bos; right beneath Bosbaan.


Peter Postbaan – Location in Amstelveen central for a private inline skate lesson with Skate-A-Round

In the Youtube videoclip beneath, inline skate teacher Lex from Skate-A-Round shows the viewer the Peter Postbaan on inline skates. He makes a whole round, while telling about the track and its link with Skate-A-Round private workshops in Amstelveen.

This Peter Posttrack is suitable for speedskaters, fitness skaters eager to perform better on inline skates and/or who want to learn better braking methods, suitable for absolute beginners on inline skates as well, as for beginners. Even working the cones is possible here, as is other freestyle inline-skating.

It is not an good location for an inline skate class when groups of cyclists go training. This is the case on Sundays, festive days and some evenings.

Peter Postbaan - Location in Amstelveen for private inline skating lesson Skate-A-Round - brand of Lex and the City
Picture of Peter Postbaan taken by skate teacher Lex in April 2021 (Thank you Irem for the idea.)

Skate-A-Round, specialist for inline adventures since 1998. 

Skate-A-Round workshops en persoonlijke groei Amsterdam
Press the Skate-A-Round logo for information about private inline skate lessons in English in the greater Amsterdam area. (Skate-A-Round is a brand of Lex and the City.)

As we come skating from Amsterdam, we charge EUR 20,- more per private lesson for location Amstelveen.
Of course you can come to Amsterdam as well, enjoy a city break, and save those costs.

Location in
Amsterdamse Bos (Amstelveen West) for private inline skating workshops by Skate-A-Round

Right beneath the well-known “Bosbaan”, the Northern side of Amsterdamse Bos, there is this amazing path for inline skate purposes. It’s nickname is Mick Boumanlaan. He is member of the Amsterdam Speedskate club “Sunday Morning Skate”, who have called this tarmac “black ice”.
The second picture shows a part of it in between for inline skate class purposes and specific for absolute beginners and beginners on in-line skates.

For ice speedskaters eager to finally learn how to brake well on inline speedskates (without a heelbraker) we can use the whole smooth path theoretically. The same is true for people eager to skate faster than they do now. (inline speed skate training.)

Spot for private inline-skate clinic in the Amsterdamse Bos with Skate-A-Round - Including good tarmac, benches to put on skates and grass for static exercise
Starting point Spot for private inline-skate workshop in the Amsterdamse Bos with Skate-A-Round – Including good tarmac, benches to put on skates and grass for static (L)exercise
Very smooth and relaxed path for inline skating in Amsterdamse Bos - Beneath Bosbaan - Picture taken by Lex van Buuren of Skate-A-Round private skate courses - Nickname of this path is Mick Boumanlaan
Heaven on earth tarmac; the so-called “black ice track” in Amsterdamse Bos. Next to the starting point of the Skate-A-Round workshops.


Picture by inline skating teacher Lex. Nickname of this great path for inline skating: “Mick Boumanlaan”


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