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So let me rehearse the steps you take in this video:
1. Gliding on center edge, by scootering on the pushing foot. (You go straight ahead.)
2. Gliding on outside edge, by scootering on the pushing foot. (You go either left or right.)
3. The stepping turn: heading for crossover without actually doing it completely. (“Just to be inline”, as you name it.)
4. Several scoots, crossover and then gliding into toe roll. Great way of improving the pressure on the crossing leg. (And bending the front knee.)
5. The crossover itself: 1.Push. 2. Cross. 3 Regroup.
6. Underpush: extra speed after having made the crossover with the other leg.
7. Heelstopper? No prob’, as long as you bend your knees (enough.)

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