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Private city tours during SAIL Amsterdam, August 20-24, 2025 with small international private groups; we love it an it shows!
Including off the beaten track tours in the area of SAIL: the Eastern Docklands.
Lex and the City is both the specialist in the neighborhood and has been in the field of activity: sailing.

SAIL on Veemkade, Eastern Docklands; photo by your private guide in Amsterdam during the event in 2015.

Local guide SAIL Amsterdam 2025; tour specialist of the Eastern Docklands and sailing.

During SAIL Amsterdam 2025 Lex and the City provides high end “Lexperiences“.
Meaning: private tours, mostly in french. (Also in german, english and dutch by the way.)

In its role of local guide during international events, Lex and the City focuses on hidden gems, is out of the box, sportive & conscious and acts tailor made.
One of the pillars of SAIL Amsterdam, “durability”, fits perfectly well within his mission.


Guide local francophone pendant SAIL Amsterdam 2025; page FR

Private tour guide during SAIL; for example for french speaking people. 

Lloyd Hotel

Local guide SAIL Amsterdam, speaking 4 languages with focus on tours in french. Lex has guided in Paris; he has even started there. Lex also has a French university tourism management degree; earned in Chambéry. (DESS Tourisme; Bac+5)
So he is perfectly able of helping out French speaking groups and individuals who visit SAIL Amsterdam 2020.

Lex and the City loves the area of SAIL 2025. (And is based nearby.)

Make sure you reserve the private guide with 20 years of experience | Lexperience in the field of guiding on wheels. Meaning: bicycle, inline skate, scooter/footbike. (Also walking tours.)
The area, including Java Island, Veemkade and KNSM Island, are great quarters for local tours with the specialist of Amsterdam East.
Guided tour by boat? Continue reading..


Private guided boat “Lexperience” during SAIL Amsterdam; August, 2025 

No, these are not our guides. ;) (yet)

SAIL Amsterdam 2025 is a great opportunity to enjoy a private boat tour with Lex and the City. We have are actually focused on the area where this spectaculair nautic event takes place and we love to guide you and your group on this modern and environmental friendly boat.

The Drift Away is a solar powered high-end ship and has space for max. 8 persons.
Another Amsterdam Lexperience: on the water.
More about our high-end guided private boat tours in Amsterdam.

Lex and the City FR guiding service Amsterdam is available for other boats as well to accompany french speaking people and families on the water in their own language.

BBQ on board. Ship: Mare Fan Fryslan, the largest sailing boat of NL for leisure purposes. (62m). Group experience with us in 2007.

Join your private guide after the nautic event SAIL above Amsterdam: windmills, cheese, beaches and Texel Island. :)

Lex and the City is specialized in the area above Amsterdam as well: Texel island, Tulipes of North-Holland, Zaanse Schans. So think about this private bike and/or sail excursion (Lexcursion? ;)) after having visited SAIL Amsterdam 2020.

Lex and the City has years of (L)experience with sailing with groups in the northern part of the Netherlands as well.

DJ & guide during private boat tours: this concept fits perfectly as well within this event on the water.

We have had loads of free publicity over the years. (Including 1 page Washington Post.)

Lexperienced Lexplorer in AMS, and local guide SAIL Amsterdam 2025. Come join us on a Lexcursion; in the Eastern Docklands (the area of SAIL.), Amsterdam center, 1 hour walking tours around hotels, Zaanse Schaans, Alkmaar or Texel island. 

Photo at Veemkade, SAIL Amsterdam area. By the curious guide of Lex and the City. (Sailing boat Amerigo Vespucci from Italy; August 20, 2019.)

Rates, however based on now, 2022, for tours before-, during- and after-  this nautic event in North Holland.

In the role of organizer and private guide Lex and the City invoices EUR 195,- per whole TOUR.. For a city tour, excluding rentals. And including the new entertainment city tax. 

Daytrip around AMS: EUR 320,-.. (Long) day tour North Holland: EUR 385,-.

This is the rate for guiding, creating and molding the private tour / in Amsterdam and North Holland. (The rent of a sailing boat and/or bikes is added.)
More details on Lex and the City pricing

Hidden gem bike tour all year long in the area where this nautic event takes place: the Eastern Docklands.

The “canals 2.0” of Java Island. Picture: guide Lex

The Eastern Docklands is the area of the worlds’ largest nautic event. Discover the area on a city bike with us.
All year long. :)

The private hidden gem guide of Amsterdam East will tell you all about the Eastern Docklands.
This 12K hidden gem tour will take place in the ancient harbor which has been transformed into a great place to live and be. Your private local Amsterdam tour guide will tell you about the quick development of the Amsterdam Eastern Docklands. And about the modern architecture.
The Eastern Docklands is the area of the worlds’ largest nautic event as well; SAIL Amsterdam.

Highlights and hidden gems in the Eastern Docklands during the bike tour:

– Java island with the “canals 2.0”. (chk the picture)
– KNSM island
– Lloyd history
– The ancient warehouses
– A cool local brewery
– Club Panama
– Python bridge
– The smallest museum of the world. (Passing by.)

Do you want to book individually, so biking together with others? Book the guided tour on WingX.
And for a private Lexperience, scroll a bit further.


Your private local tour guide on board.

Tailor made quotation for private tour Sail Amsterdam 2025 & contact

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