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This page contains microblogs about the hidden gems of Amsterdam.
Specifically: in the Eastern part of the city.
The off the record things for groups.

Lex van Buuren on his bike scanning for hidden gems in Amsterdam East. :)

Pictures, moments, thoughts, micro stories of the storyteller (tour guide and online content marketer) of Amsterdam East.
Looking for the hidden gems of the city.
Enjoy. :)

Hidden Gem Update micro blog update in July 2019:

I am currently putting the many micro posts about hidden gems in Amsterdam and especially in the Eastern part of the capital, on my LinkedIn page.
So why not having a look over there? LinkedIn Lex and the City; the hidden gem city guide.


Want to “Lexplore” the secrets of East Amsterdam offline?

Contact private local guide in Amsterdam Lex and the City: +31655337726 * |

We are Lexy and we know it.

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