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Do you think our private Amsterdam inline-skate lesson is the only moment to learn and progress?

It is not.
How to get out most out of the private skate lesson in Amsterdam with Skate•A•Round.
It is your “homework” for upcoming week, the extension of the lesson.
Carry on reading plse for 5 ways of progressing without your skate teacher around.


We now give you ways to expand your knowledge and improve as a starting inline skater. If you follow the 5 means of extensed learning beneath, you will progress like….;) Use that brain! Not just during the private class from your personal trainer.


5 means of Lextended learning (Apart from the private skate lessons on the spot.)

Skatelessen in Amsterdam - Tussen EYE en IJ - Ook voor internationals en expats - In het Engels, Duits of Frans - Skate-A-Round - privéles
Skatelesson “between EYE and IJ”; for 2 internationals.
  1. Watch skate (instruction) video clips in advance and also afterwards. (Chk part 2 of this inline skate post for which clips we recommend.)
  2. Analyse the photos and videos, taken of you during the inline-skate training by the Skate•A•Round instructor. (photo and video analysis) And take notes on what you learned in class. (point by point, with terms only.)
  3. Sleep on it for 1-3 nights. (Just; sleep.;)) Now your unconscious mind is coming in to help improve even more without even moving. ;) So: Due to “just” sleeping, become a better inline skater.
  4. Practice the inline skating exercises at home statically. (Whether or not on inline skates.) Do you have a carpet and/or a garden with grass?
  5. Practise “planking” (core training) Put on your favorite music track and try, on the long term!, to plank it “all the way”.
  6. Work your abdominal muscles, in particular on the left and right.
  7. Then go back to skating asphalt (tarmac) and do the same, this time without your skate instructor and/or with skate buddy. Do not wait more than 3 nights of sleep to do so.


Skate-A-Round workshops en persoonlijke groei Amsterdam


5 subjects concerning skate skills for beginners and inline skating technique:New location for inline skating lessons on new land in Amsterdam. Centrumeiland - Merdekagracht. Picture by private Skate-A-Round teacher Lex van Buuren

  1. Laces of inline skates tight (enough) and use skate protection, not forgetting about your helmet.
  2. Ready position posture: hands next to you and slightly in front, eyes in front of you, knee band and sheens leaning against the front. Inline skates not very wide and straight up. Videoclip by Asha
  3. Keeping your standing leg up. (So not getting to inside edge, videoclip about that so-called “V-ing“, by our skate tour partner Asha Kirkby from Skatefresh.)
  4. Duckwalk (or “pizza”, as Asha calls it.) The start-up skating movement. hands cooperating with your legs.  (Instead of being counteractive.) Videoclip by Skatefresh.
  5. Scissors, the starting point for breaking with the heelstopper as well. (However much more)
  6. Breaking, using the heelbrake. Videoclip  Break-stages briefly as taught by your Skate•A•Round teacher:
    1. ready position.
    2. scissors
    3. slight toe lift, however not real braking, but “just” slowing down.
    4. Sit down on an imaginary high chair. (as high as a bar-stool). 70% weight on back foot.
    5. (optional) Bring both front foot and hands slightly forward.

Plse watch the video-clips at least 3 times and practice static or dynamic in-between. Also break those into separate days.

Bye and enjoy inline skating! :) Lex; Skate•A•Round instructor & Amsterdam skating tour and workshop local guide

Private inline skate instructor and personal trainer in Amsterdam and Amstelveen
Press the picture for private inline skating lessons in Amsterdam


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I have come to find out that the pizza (or duckwalk as I call it.) is a valuable skill for advanced inline skaters too. On a long stretch of cobble stones the pizza is best I think. Also on wet surface I recommend it. Knowing this, it is even easer to motivate the student to stick to the pizza before carrying with the advanced stride. As the pizza appears to be a skill to stay in a skaters life.

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