Teambuilding Paris with private wine tasting cruise & stop at Seine Boulevard

1. Private cruise on the river Seine with a wine tasting team-game.

Duration: 4 hours; including a one hour stop on Seine Boulevard 

Winetasting at River Seine with Private Boat Teambuilding Paris Teamgame

Your private boat

Private boat with a welcome apéritif and a playful (organic?) wine tasting session with sommelier Ariane, with excellent wines ( bio or classic), including a tasteful champagne.

Because it is a team building, we ensure that the wine tasting has a competitive element. So we include a game with wine expert Ariane where the teams answer questions about French wines.

Seine Boulevard Les Berges Teambuilding Jeu de Boules Tour

Seine Boulevard

2. Stop of one hour on brand new Seine Boulevard
The boat stops in front of famous Musée d’ Orsay.
We offer you an authentic game of Pétanque with the group and a relaxed small tour on brand new Seine Boulevard after.:)
We include a drink on a heated terrace at Seine Boulevard.

Seine Lexperiences
 which are included:

  • Private Boat (4 hours)
  • Friendly Wine Expert from Paris: Ariane (speaking English)
  • Aperitif
  • 3 different wines to taste: red, white and champagne
  • Soft drinksTeam building Paris Seine with Lex and the City
  • Canapés (Local Parisian sofas)
  • Stop at Seine Boulevard for Jeu de Boules and a small relaxing walking tour with the Lex and the City tour leader
  • A coffee or tea at a heated terrace along river Seine

General Conditions and prices are on request.


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