Lex and the City in Amsterdam and in Paris: storyteller both online and offline | Click on the picture with your desired Lexperience

Private hidden gem tours in Amsterdam for individuals and small groups | high end | Out of the box: Lexplore offline

Guide locale francophone à Amsterdam - Lex van Buuren est guide local et il parle Français

local private tour guide in Amsterdam | French speaking as well: Lexplore the city.

Walks and bike tours in Amsterdam East for business travelers: Lexperiences of 1 hour, starting from your hotel in Amsterdam East | A private walking tour or bike tour in a large circle around your hotel | With the hidden gems guide.

De Python brug is het icoon van het Oostelijk Havengebied. En dit is een plek voor een fietsuitje of een privé wandeling van 1 uur na aankomst met de lokale privé gids Amsterdam Lex van Buuren

Private local guide with 1 hour tours for the guests of the hotels in Amsterdam East. Intended for the businessman and women who have limited time. The hidden gems tour starts from your hotel.

The storyteller of Amsterdam East: online and offline

Lex van Buuren van Lex and the City - Verhalenverteller Amsterdam Oost - visitekaartje

The storyteller of Amsterdam East: tours, blogs and online content marketer for third parties; local leisure companies, preferably acting within the Lex and the City mission

Online content marketer: City Lexposure | Out of the box SEO copywriting and social media posts for local leisure companies in Amsterdam and Paris

Hidden Gems Guide Lex van Buuren has a mission in Amsterdam. Promoting physical movement with bikes, footbikes, skates and by foot.

Online content city marketer: SEO copywriting, out of the box social media creation, SEO coaching and translations. For local companies in the leisure and sports industry in Amsterdam and in Paris: *City Lexposure*

Private skate teacher on 7 hotspots in Amsterdam, teaching 7 braking skills | Skate-A-Round inline adventures

Inline skate teacher in Amsterdam Lex van Buuren

Inline skate teacher in Amsterdam | Private | Finally learn how to brake well on your skates. :)

Guided boat tour in Amsterdam with your own private group | High-end “Lexperience” on the water

Guided boat tour for EY with Lex and the City in Amsterdam - Outing for colleagues Paris, Bruxelles and Amsterdam

Guided private boat tour in Amsterdam with Lex and the City. Lexplore the city on the water.

Private guided bike tours in Amsterdam | Lexplore the city comfortably offline

Guided walk along the canals with Lex and the City in Amsterdam

Private guided bike tours in Amsterdam, looking for the hidden gems of the town. Like in the Eastern Docklands.

DJ Lextase promotes fun exercise and physical movement in the city on skates, footbike, bike and on foot.

Lex van Buuren is DJ Lextase in the Hague during the local skate tour

Mobile DJ Lextase promotes sportive movement in the city by playing inspiring music while on the move. (Clicking on the picture you’ll access the new Instagram account of the mobile DJ in town.)

Out of the box storyteller in Amsterdam and in Paris; that is Lex and the City. Looking for hidden gems in the city.

The Lex and the City smiley is a reflection of our mission and core competence. About promoting physical movement in town, curiously looking for hidden gems. Out of the box. Click on our city smiley for more.

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Another role of Lex within his mission: volunteer of the weekly Friday Night Skate Amsterdam (Here off to Schiphol Airport on inline skates with the group; July 2019)

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