Social Guided Biketours in Amsterdam by a local tourism pro.

The Lex and the City Social Guided Biketours Amsterdam combine the discovery of hip & emerging parts of Amsterdam with getting to know new and interesting people.

The tour can be either private or workrelated.
It can be in town or around town; in the countryside. (Even a daytrip to Texel is part of our concept)

Every social biketour has its own theme.
Sometimes we add an item to the tour, like a restaurant or picknick, a language exchange, a tasting or dancing afterwards. 

To make it really “social” the maximum number of participants is only 15 people.
The pace is relaxed. (relexed?)

Now we show you an exemple:

Social guided biketour Amsterdam Docklands & IJburg

Discover the hippest part of Amsterdam; the eastern part, on a bike.
And socialize afterwards on the terrace, in a café or maybe even on the boulevard. 

The tour will take place in the eastern part of the city, on the so-called Amsterdam’ Docklands: the ancient harbor which has been transformed into a great place to live and be.

And partly it will happen on IJburg; place of modern architecture, loads of air & space and even a beach. :)

We will tell you about the quick development of the Amsterdam Eastern Docklands. And about modern architecture of IJburg.

This evening is about socializing, relaxed pace, hip city items, the beach, one Dutch Downhill and fresh air. ;)

How do you reserve a spot?

Private: | +31 6 55 337726. (Lex’ tariff in 2019 is EUR 64,- per hour.)

On an individual basis: The tours are to be found on third party social websites for offline chat like Meetup and Eventbrite.
Please ask us for specific exemples/dates. (Or ask us for a private tour for a fixed groep.)

Reviews social bike tours Amsterdam by Lex and the City

A review from Maria about the Amsterdam bike tour lexperience in the town center: (2013):

Hi all you bikers! I loved it yesterday. Thanks for your presence and thank YOU Lex to make it happen!
Looking forward to the next activity. Maria

And one from Yolanda:
Enjoy it!! Lex is an awesome guide :):):):)

Matteo about thIS Docklands & IJburg tour:
Thanks Lex for let me discover this new part of Amsterdam. You are a very great guide.

Lexpat Lex van Buuren organizes social bike tours in Amsterdam East

Storyteller of Amsterdam East

Lex and the City has been an organizer of social citytours since 1998.

We have once started in Paris. Check out our press coverage over the years.

Our clients over the years are to be found on the right side of the website.

Lex and the City has been evolved into the Storyteller of Amsterdam East.
Offline as well as online. 
Offline: social group tours like these for groups.
Online: social content creation for third parties in Amsterdam East. (And our own Blogs obviously.)


We are Lexy and we know it.

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