Skate-A-Round general conditions

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These general conditions apply for for Skate-A-Round skate & sail and for the skate lessons in Amsterdam.

Skate Event with sailing HollandYour booking and payment for the private tour 

  • The agreement is official for the skatetour traveller(s) when you have signed the registration form and sent it to us by letter or Internet.
  • Within seven days of receiving your registration, Skate·A·Round® will send you an invoice. Within ten days of receiving your invoice, you must transfer a down payment of 30% or the complete amount.
  • We should receive the complete travel amount at the latest four weeks before the date of departure. After receiving the down payment, Skate·A·Round® is contractually bounded.
  • Break at the beach of Texel IslandIn case you register less than four weeks before the date of departure, we must receive the complete travel amount at one time as soon as you have received your invoice.
  • If you think that the Skate·A·Round® invoice is wrong, it is obligatory to report this to Skate·A·Round®. We will then send a new invoice.
  • The person who books the inline adventure for a group is liable for the other registered persons. This means that the person booking the trip is responsible for reading the general conditions and all other information in the brochure and website carefully.
  • All costs of banktransfers of a booking have to be paid by the booker himself.Length, program, and modifications of the trip



Contact LexLength, program, and modifications of the trip

  • It could be necessary to change the program in case of unforeseen circumstances such as mechanical problems, weather conditions, changed timetables, natural ramps/natural disasters, changements in local legislation concerning skating, political conflicts and cancelled nightskates.It is not possible to cancel or replace the inline adventure when the nightskate has been called off or the character therefore has changed for reasons other than the normal cancellation conditions.
  • The tour leader reserves the right to change the original route, the skate program, the daily agenda, hotel arrangements and transport.
  • You will hear from us immediately if the date of departure changes. If we have to cancel the tour due to unforeseen circumstances, we will do our utmost to offer you a comparable tour.


Bring your child 2


It is obligatory that you take out travel accident insurance. We advise you to take out cancellation insurance as well.

Skating skills

You must be a skater who is able to brake easily. You have to meet the minimum skating requirements for your own safety and the safety of the other skaters.

Bring your bikeSkating protection

It is solely your personal responsibility to wear the right protective gear. Skate·A·Round® encourages skating with protective gear: helmet, wrist guards, elbow and knee protection.
Every year many accidents occur because the skaters were not wearing the right protective gear.
If a local organization requires wearing a helmet, you find it indicated on our website.

You skate at your own risk

Indeed: You skate at your own risk.
You carry sole responsibility for wearing the right protection and for the condition of your equipment.

Enjoy the Dutch WindmillsSkate·A·Round® does not accept any responsibility for damage – no matter what kind of damage – resulting from skating accidents. Skate-A-Round’s liability for damage resulting from death or injury is limited or excluded by the valid international pacts.
Skate·A·Round® also does not accept liability for damage with any claim for compensation which rests on an insurance or government benefit.

Minimum and maximum number of participants

Minimum: 15 persons per trip; we will inform you one month at last prior to the departure date whether your trip can go on.

Learn how to sailModifications of your booking

It is possible to send another person in your place. Call us as soon as possible so that we know who the other person is.
Modification fee: € 13.50 per modification.
If more than one modification is made at one time, the price remains the same.
A cancellation is not a modification. Please look below for our rules of cancellation.

Cancellation by Skate·A·Round

The minimum number of participants is per  tour.
If there are not enough participants, we will cancel the tour.
This is rare.
In this case, we inform you four weeks before departure and we refund the money you have paid.

Amsterdam is nearCancellation by you

We charge the following cancellation fees if you cancel participation in the tour:

  • Cancellation more than 56 days before departure: 10% of the travel amount per person (minimum € 40.00);
  • Cancellation from 56 (included) to 28 days before departure: 25% of the travel amount;
  • Cancellation from 28 (included) to 14 days before departure: 50% of the travel amount;
  • Cancellation from 14 (included) to 7 days before departure: 75% of the travel amount;
  • Cancellation from 7 (included) to the day of departure: the complete amount.You are required to submit your cancellation by e-mail.
    You can decrease your risk under certain circumstances (illness, etc.) by taking out cancellation insurance.

    Your private shipThe weather

    You can inline-skate well only when the road is dry. When the weather is bad, we may cancel a part of the tour.
    The good news is that we never cancel the whole inline adventure because there are other activities to undertake as well.
    The costs of using public transport or of driving your own car during the trip are yours.


    If a certain boat not available, we reserve the right to offer you comparable accommodations.

    If you are dissatisfied with the something during the inline adventure

    Speak directly with your Skate-A-Round tour guide. Do not wait until the trip is over because there is nothing that can be done about it anymore.

    Special wishes

    We try our utmost to comply with your special request.

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