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In flow:

We can do much better than we do…we all know that.
It’s because most of us do not use our brain very well. (Me included; I am in the process of getting there.)

In flow on the footbike in Amsterdam

The key to improve is getting into flow more frequently.
It causes you to use the right side of your brain more & better.
This is the part to create, to be creative, to think in a larger perspective, to truly improve. It gets you where your brain needs to go to: the Alpha state.

Why don’t most of us do that on a daily basis?
Because most of are not acting on the intersection of our strenghts and our passions.
And it has to do with all the structures which surrounds us.
And with the ever present smartphone. (peep-peep)
And other modern stuff….distractions all over the place.

How to get into flow more often?
I use the following 5 means, as they are part of my history, of my life:

  1. In your work: Do what you love to do. AND what you are good at. And challenge yourself with a task on hand which is a bit out of your comfort zone. So: grow in what you love.  And switch off other stimulants, like social media. For example during 1 hour. Flow will be your sweet reward.
  2. Skating and Sailing. Look at the Lex and the City/Skate-A-Round case.
  3. Snowblading. Look at the Lex and the City case
  4. Swing-in-extase: get yourself on a crosstrainer. Put on your favorite hitmix, lasting the whole time without interference. The level on the crosstrainer should be enough to challenge you a bit. Align the beat with your moves. Close your eyes.
  5. In general: train your span of attention. A great mean to improve are the meditation sessions with Deepak Chopra. Find MP3 fragments on Spotify or on Soundcloud.

How do YOU get into flow? | What is flow anyway?

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