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To journalists:

We would love to help you with your article about the unusual Amsterdam in the capital of the Netherlands.

I’d say take 3 hours to both include private tour and a talk in between at a terrace in the area we will explore together.

I would be happy to offer it in return for press coverage.
And I will become specific now. For me it is important to get a remaining do-follow deeplink from the online version of the article to a certain (matching) page of my website.

That “do-follow part” is important to me as it increases the authority of my website. And that way my tours are to be found better organically in Google and other search engines. And that makes I get to reach what is my great desire: to organize exactly what I want for the audience that suits me and the people around me. That perfect P/M!

By the way: a do-follow link is an ordinary, normal, link. If you just link naturally, you make a do-follow link. Nothing special.

If that is not possible, I know as a freelancer you are dependent on the marketing people of the medium, tell me so and we will find another solution.

An example of free publicity for Lex and the City with it’s brand Skate•A•Round in National Geographic Magazine.

Press coverage of unusual Lex and the City tours in Amsterdam North of Dike Houses.
Writing about the unusual Amsterdam. In this case dike houses in Amsterdam North. “The Captain’s corner”



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