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Today I took my footbike to make a stroll along the islands of Amsterdam.

Sailingboat for Meetups in Amsterdam
3-master, 62 metres, “gezellig” & business ready

At Sumatrakade (Java-eiland) I suddenly bumped into the most beautiful and tallest (62 metres) sailing boat we have ever used for skating & sailing in the Netherlands. (In 2007)

I entered the 3-master sailboat and it turns out the Mare Fan Fryslan is used in the winter as a hotelboat. (botel, € 45,- pppn, ask us)

Workshop and Social event at Sailboat IJ-river Amsterdam
Bar, Lounge, Restaurant, Kitchen, Beamer, Small Amsterdam Boat Tour possible

I talked to the owner, enthousiastic Joris, about organizing social activities on the ship in the upcoming 2 months.

The Mare Fan Fryslan has a great bar, a large social corner, big kitchen and even a whirlpool.

Jacuzzi, WIFI, BBQ, Terrace @ Sailboat

Do you have a suggestion about what lexperiences to organize here between now and January 1st, 2014? (By then it leaves Amsterdam again)

I would like to pick up some cool material and use it for small group events at the waterside.:)
Lex: +31 6 55 33 77 26 | @lexperience.


Our Mare Fan Fryslan Island Footbike/Skate/Bike track – North Holland, Netherlands:)


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