Demand for high end private tours is slowly coming back and I have just finished a quotation for an incentive for a high quality corporate group. 

Me I have asked them to make it a webpage, in order to create valuable content on high quality incentives. (Without mentioning them, nor the dates a.s.o. obviously.) This is my policy, especially after all these Corona cancellations; I want at least to improve SEO, even if a group cannot come. ;)

Are you a group planner? You can use the Lex and the City pictures for your quotations; be our guest.

The day after I realize this page is a proper case for group planners, DMC’s, event agencies and B2B luxury concierges on what you get with AMS supplier Lex and the City in terms of:
– tailor made approach
– content
– added value
– pricing
– Even pictures for you to use already. (I got 1.111 others; I adore making pictures on my footbike, bike and skates. ;))
– AMS Video 1 minute with DMC’s and group planners.
– Links to the private guide landing and biking page (including pricing as well.)

Please have a look and plse share your comment and first-moment-feeling on this brand new page and very Lex and the City tailor made incentives Amsterdam page:

Suit + bike:  Lexploring the Vondelpark

I hope you are fine. I mean with more freedom to enjoy and explore, and business slowly coming back at the same.

Lex (June 5th, 2020)

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