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Help the Philippines Eiffeltower by participating in the Eiffeltower BackstageDiscover the Eiffel Tower like you have never seen it before.

Your guided tour will start in the bunker under parc Champ de Mars.
You will have backstage access to the engine room where your Lex and the City guide will tell you more about the hydraulic system process which controls the Eiffel Tower’s elevators.

You will then go to the 2nd floor where you will reach the roof of the exclusive restaurant Le Jules Verne. You will be seduced by this amazing view!


The € 15,- are 100% for the Philippines; the Eiffel Tower Backstage is on me.

If you put your name on the list, the € 15,- donation is your promise to the people of the Philippines.
If you cannot make it and nobody else replaces you, you pay me (the Philippines) the EUR 15,- by bank the week after. :)
(And if you don’t, you will do my dishes for at least 4 months. :p )

We’ve got 14 spots; request your spot by sending the question by Facebook. –>


We say thanks to our supplierfriends the Eiffel Tower & Cultival Paris. 

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