1. Private cruise on the river Seine with a wine tasting team-game.

Duration of the team building: 4 hours; including a one hour stop on Seine Boulevard 

Your private boat

Private boat with a welcome apéritif and a playful (organic?) wine tasting session with sommelier Ariane, with excellent wines (bio or classic), including a tasteful champagne.

Because it is a team building, we ensure that the wine tasting has a competitive element. So we include a game with wine expert Ariane where the teams answer questions about French wines.

2. Stop of one hour on Seine Boulevard (“Les berges”)

Seine Boulevard | Paris | (C) Photo: Lex and the City

The private boat stops in front of famous Musée d’ Orsay.
We offer you an authentic game of
Pétanque with the group and a relaxed small tour on brand new Seine Boulevard after.:)
We include a drink on a heated terrace at Seine Boulevard.

Seine Lexperiences
which are included in the team building in Paris:

General Conditions and prices are on request.


Contact with Lex and the City Paris | Seine Lexperiences

Currently mainly private tour guide in Amsterdam

+31655337726 | lexperiences@lexandthecity.nl (Now mainly involved in private custom boat tours in Amsterdam.)

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