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Free bicycle routes in Amsterdam. Part of this new Bike rental page Amsterdam by Lex and the City guides. Under construction. (As is all that we produce.)


Creating, molding and guiding Lexperiences, is what we do. For these group biking tours we rent the bikes at a few selected shops.
However if you would just like to rent a citybike, E-bike, child bicycle or tour bike without us, next to Vondelpark, click on the link beneath.

Or continue reading first, taking advantages of our Lex and the City bike guide choices concerning attractive bike tracks in town; part of them focusing on the highlights, other on the unusual Amsterdam and always with hidden gems in mind.

Book your bike without local guide here for exploring Amsterdam

⇒ Click for Rent a bike in Amsterdam: Citybikes, E-bikes and Tourbikes(Next to Vondelpark)

The Amsterdam bicycle rental company, A-Bike, rents these bikes, both individually and on the part of the Lex and the City bike tours that start at Vondelpark.

Free cycle routes in Amsterdam, created and molded by our local bike guides

We now provide you with some free bike tracks, which are created, molded and used by Lex and the City private local guides during tours. Routes along many highlights and hidden gems, which you can cycle yourself with your group if you prefer to ride without a guide.

In that case, our question is to leave a review for this free bike route-service, so that it is still a win-win situation.
These include small cycle routes for a bike tour of 2 hours and also much longer ones.
In case you prefer to go biking Amsterdam without our guide you can use those, in combination with the bike rental on this page.
Send us a message in case you need assistance.


Bicycle track 1: Exploring the famous Vondelpark, including all its treasures; sometimes hidden, mostly not. Cycle track of appr. 1 hour


Exploring (Lexploring?) the area above Vondelpark, crossing and following the canals of the 17 Golden age century. Cycle track of appr. 1 hour / 8K

Free cycle route on Lex and the City strava of only 6,8 km, starting from Vondelpark bike rental.

Vondelpark with statue Vondel and Blauwe Theehuis * PC Hooftstraat (Celebs’ shopping street) * Museum District * Under the Rijksmuseum with the bike * Spiegelgracht (Jewelry, galeries and antique) * the 3 canals * the 9 tiny streets district * Jordaan quarter * Paradiso.

Getting the Rent-A-Bike at the station next to Vondelpark and the this 11KM bike tour, with highlights like biking beneath Rijsmuseum and biking on the brand new so-calles bikeroad.

Use your Rent-A-Bike via Lex and the City for the Highlights tour, including hidden treasures, of 15K

Amsterdam Bike track  from South to North. Molded by Lex and the City tours

Highlights of the cycle track 2,5 hours from South to North: 1. Valley at ZuidAs *: The founder of Valley says:
“Sleek glass mirror walls represent the old Zuidas and connect the building with this Zuidas. The whimsical shapes that have been ‘carved out’ as it were and the abundance of greenery provide a glimpse into the future of Zuidas.”
* 2. The New York style tower biking experience in the Gustav Mahlerlaan * 3. The Olympic Stadium and the transformation of the area the last 15 years * 4. Vondelpark: relax and see & be seen * 5. Exploring the so-called bikeroad experience: a new concept where bikers rule cars * 6. Canal hopping on your bike, includiung another tower and this time it is from the 17th century * 7. Become child again in the bike tunnel beneath Central Station and on the ferry * 8. Discovering a bit of North: the hip and happening area around A’dam Tower with Moon. The end. 

Island hopping track along the water all the way in the Eastern Docklands

Free Lex and the City cycle route in the center of Amsterdam of 19 kilometers:

The Amsterdam highlights bike tour 20 km, created by Lex and the City guides for you.

Touristic Lex and the City bike tour of 14K in Amsterdam

The maritime cycle route Amsterdam 27 km (without the historical heart of town) * 4 uur  and breaks are adviced at Pekmarkt or in the Ceuvel

Indian quarter * Czaar Peter street * Entrepotdok * Maritime Museum * Oosterdok * North with Adamtoren and EYE * van der Pekbuurt * Disteldorp * The lightship in Buiksloterham * Ceuvel * NDSM * Pontsteiger * ‘t Schip * Westelijke Eilanden (with the Galgenstraat) * Pearls of ‘t IJ * Lloyd * Python * Warehouses Monday to Friday


The unusual bicycle route Amsterdam 28 km (without the town center) * 4 hours with departure via Eastern Docklands; back via the Marineterrein



Off the beaten track bike tour Amsterdam | 5 hours of bike joy | 27K

Off the beaten path bike experience in Amsterdam and with quite a few so-called highlights as well.
27 km; nett time biking

“Whole of Amsterdam biking group tour in 1 day”, including the highlights and the hidden gems | Also to hip and happening North and East AMS. | 32K

Sporty company by bike: the 9 garden villages of the North part of the capital. | Put those hidden gems of Amsterdam on your bucket list and have fun together. 

Location on Google maps of our recommneded Rent a bike location next to Vondelpark

Rent a Bike in Amsterdam and go biking along river Amste to check the boats passing by.
Rent a Bike in Amsterdam and go biking along river Amstel to check the boats passing by.
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