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This page is about a maritime biking tour of Amsterdam’s Eastern Docklands. For a (small) group or as part of a company outing. It takes place in an area we also recommend touring when it is (too) busy in the city centre. (Like on a Saturday afternoon) In the Docklands in Amsterdam East there is still space & it is diverse.

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Eastern Docklands in Amsterdam - Spoorwegbassin
Twenty themes and highlights in the Eastern Docklands area during the maritime private bike tour

  1. History of the Eastern port area in Amsterdam. What was before. Why it was created in the first place, what has happened during it’s peak period, and why it does not have its original function anymore.
  2. Converted warehouses. Like on Cruquius Island (The cool buildings “Monday to Sunday”) and on Veem quai.
  3. Another example of recycling of a building: a crane converted into a mini-hotel on KNSM island.
  4. A last “reuse” one: former wine silo’s being put on the roof of a former wine terminal, and used as luxurious apartments now. videoclip. Former ware houses on Cruquius island in Amsterdam East
  5. The Eastern Docklands is the heart of the number 1 sailing event SAIL. (August 2025)
  6. The start of the now so trending self-build plots. The possibility of creating your own house, being your own architect and builder, has started in the Eastern Docklands by the end of the last century.
  7. Demographics: the aim of Borneo island being the place for families. And the majority of houses being appartments though.Chicago-end-of-19th- century-style appartments on Cruquius island in Amsterdam East
  8. Living: the high costs of housing. (630.000 Euro on average in 2023.)
  9. Working: where are innovative companies located? And where’s the breading ground with creatives?
  10. The latest developments: like the total remake of Cruquius Island. With cars being underground. (Sooo 2024)
  11. The former head quarter of the Eastern Docklands area in Amsterdam. The former so-called “Shipping house”.  (Not to be found in the district itself, however nearby. On demand and in case of enough time.)
  12. We’ll make a comparison with other areas in Amsterdam: like “Noord“.
  13. The nicknames. Amsterdammers like creating nicknames and in the Eastern Docklands it seems it is even higher than average. (Like “the “rotting molar”)
  14. The 7 different parts of this tempting district in Amsterdam East.
  15. Music venues!
  16. Modern Architecture, like the Python Bridge. Or the 17th century remake on the Java Island. (from local architect Sjoerd Soeters.)Python Bridge in Eastern Docklands by bike with tour guide
  17. The space and peace while touring. Although the Eastern port area is pretty centrally located, it is virtually always quiet.
  18. Sustainable items. A lot of owners of house boats are getting off gaz and into water pumps. It is urgent. This is subsidised by the government. And the Jakarta Hotel is an eco-item as well.  And the floating gardens (rafts with trees) in Entrepot port. And we have already mentioned the recycling of buildings, which is sustainable as well.
  19. We see other local trends popping up here; like a local brewery and “pétanque” (balls) at a bar.
  20. Water is to be seen and found continuously during the private bike tour. (Chk the cycle map beneath.)
Scheepstimmermanstraat in the Eastern Docklands - Amsterdam east - First self-build plots in Amsterdam in 1999 - Example of uploading dreams to the fifth dimension and downloading concrete results to the 3rd dimension.
Self-build plots in Scheepstimmermanstraat


Pricing of the Eastern Docklands of Amsterdam private cycle tour

Rates are to be found on the Lex and the City private tour guide Amsterdam page.


the 17th century remake on the Java Island. From local architect Sjoerd Soeters.
No cars to be seen on the “Amsterdam canals version 2002” by Sjoerd Soeters.

Full track of the Eastern port area tour in Amsterdam by Lex and the City: water, water, water!

Amsterdam Eastern Docklands. Picture taken from Cruquius island towards Borneo island by that Lex and the City tour guide.

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