Since 1998

★ Mission ★

It is my mission to promote green and sporty mobility in that other Amsterdam.
Explore the unusual city with a curious eye.

★ How Lex and the City lives his mission ★

I do this by being a sporty guide, a green courier, a local blogger, an inline skate teacher and I want to help others in this area being more present on the web.
And by doing a lot myself what I stand for: being physically active in the city.
Using unusual means like footbikes and inline skates, visiting other quarters in Amsterdam and telling other stories.
It is called the leX-factor.

★ High end private local city guide in Amsterdam ★

Specialties: French speaking guide with tailor made tours, classy, out of the box,  hidden gems, East Amsterdam , private bike guide, and footbiking.

De missie van Lex and the City; pagina in het Nederlands

★ Online content city marketer ★

SEO copywriting, including PR. And social media content creation, including pictures for the dutch speaking tourism leisure market.
Online content marketing communication.
I call it Lexposure 4 you.
I am looking for:
Local tourism organizations in Paris, Germany and Amsterdam who want: better rankings – social media – translations from french & german – bloggers’ attention

★ Online storyteller ★

1. SEO copywriting, translations and social media creation for organizations in local tourism AND for clients with subjects of my interest like sustainability, sports, events, music and personal development. Specialties: French tourism and Amsterdam East

2. Affiliate marketing for tourism companies in Paris.

3. Blogger about Amsterdam East





★ My USP’s ★

– Associative. intuitive style

– I am good at coaching and personal development.

– French speaking

Event private guiding

– Tailor made tours
Sailing, boats
– Digital marketer communicating in 4 different languages.
25 years of productmanagement experience in the international leisure & sports industry.

★ Offline storyteller: “The Eastern Lexperiences” ★
Private tour guide in Amsterdam East | Inline skate teacher in Oosterpark

★ High end tour leader and city guide for companies who are in Paris for business ★
Tourmanager, tour leader, troubleshooter and city guide in the city of lights.

By the way, I am not good at attending webinars, technical issues, working late and long, group communication, including ZOOM, and in admin.

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