The theme of Amsterdam Light Festival 2021 – 2022 is  “Celebrate Light”.
And Lex and the City specializes in #ALF biking and footbiking! :)
Another Lex and the City USP is the ability to guide in French as well. ((Otherwise, Google that term to find our specialized language page.)

Lex and the City bike guide making a picture while touring.

Local guide during the Amsterdam Light Festival: even speaking
French and German

During the Amsterdam Light Festival, local tourist guide Lex and the City offers the following private tours:

Local guide, also in French, during the Amsterdam Light Festival Amsterdam. Tours on the boat, bicycle, scooter and on foot.

The Amsterdam Light Festival is taking place in Amsterdam Center-East this year. This area is a specialty of Lex and the City; the local tourist guide with unexpected tours in Mokum. (The nickname of Amsterdam)

The advantage of engaging an Amsterdam guide
is that he or she will promptly tell you where you are passing and tell a anecdote. (So ​​your local Lex and the City guide not only talks about the light monuments, but also about Artis ZOO, Entrepot Dok, the National maritime museum, Oosterdok (the ancient Harbour), Malle Jaap (who? Malle Jaap!), The Rembrandt House, The Skinny Bridge, the Hermitage and Muiderpoort. (Have I forgotten something? Absolutely. :)



Guide local d’Amsterdam du Festival des lumières; page en français | Gids ALF; pagina in het Nederlands

Our Strava route from the open-air exhibition of international light art in Amsterdam Center-East.

Your local guide for the Amsterdam Light Festival has made picture of the “enlighted” Skinny Bridge

The Amsterdam light festival is best known as a boat trip.
But if you go by bike or footbike  (scooter) you can stay at a light monument as long as you want.
These means of transport fits within the conscious and sporty mission of Lex and the City

Below you see the bike track along the light artworks and installations of contemporary (international) artists, designers and architects, which Lex and the City recorded at the start of #ALF. It shows our bike track from last time. This year’s track (2021 – 2022) is almost the same. (This year until the Toronto bridge; Amstel Hotel, so a bit longer; 7 km.)


Amsterdam Light Festival private tours: by bike or footbike | We facilitate sustainable electric b
oat tours and walks as well.

Local guide of sustainability during the Amsterdam Light Festival.
Theme this year (2021-2022): Celebrate the light.

The Amsterdam Light Festival is taking place in Amsterdam Center-East this year. This area is a specialty of Lex and the City; the local tourist guide with unexpected and green tours in “Mokum”. (The nickname of Amsterdam)

During the Amsterdam Light Festival private guide Lex and the City offers the following tours:


Facts about the sporty and sustainable tours during the Amsterdam Light Festival.

– Costs: check our regular pricing at our private tour guide page: (scroll to paragraph 8, sorry we will improve this into a direct jump to prizes.)


– Your private local guide, talking about the sights as well.

Lex and the City is a Lexperienced private bike guide in Amsterdam and North-Holland.


Press the Lex and the City business card to call Lex to be your private guide during the Amsterdam Light Festival. Or ask your hotel concierge.

– We start the tour with your group where you want (If that spot is indeed possible.). We recommend however “Entrepot dok” (near Artis ZOO). 

– Length of the tour: 2 hours. 

– Number of participants of this guided #ALF bike tour: a maximum of 8 per private guide on wheels. In case you hire Lex and the City as, for example, a French-speaking guide on a private boat, this rule does not apply.

– Weather: The Lex and the City tour along the light monuments in Amsterdam is canceled (free of charge) when it rains cats and dogs and in case of thunderstorms. (For other circumstances, we recommend the umbrella, raincoat or sunglasses). This rule does not apply to a private Amsterdam Light Festival boat tour.

– Day and time: That we agree together between guide and customer. (From 5 pm)

The Amsterdam guiding “Lexperience” on Instagram during the #amsterdamlightfestival

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