Since 1998

Lex and the City organizes business and leisure events for groups on the river Seine.
Private and “out of the box”​.
We have started in 1998 with group events in Paris.

For example: first a meeting, in between a bike tour, then a dinner cruise and then a cocktail party with DJ Lextase.

Unique Selling Points in Paris

– Touristic knowledge of Paris
– Many quality contacts in Paris
– Geographical knowledge in detail; we know the locations.
– Passion for Paris! :)
– Organizational (l)experience (knowledge and skills) in Paris (19 years)
– +6,000 participants in Paris since 1998.
– We even have guided celebs’​ around in Paris.
– Dutch DJ in Paris on river Seine (DJ Lextase)
– Tourism Management degree (Bac+5, DESS Tourisme) on French university.
– Very internationally oriented.

Contact with Lex and the City about out of the box group events in Paris

Call, app or E-mail Lex: +31 6 55 33 77 26 * [email protected] (On parle français aussi.)

SEO tekstschrijver over uitjes, vakanties ene events in Frankrijk - De leX factor

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