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Hi, Lex, here, local private guide in Amsterdam. I want to talk to you about food in Amsterdam. Places to eat. Some being unusual restaurants, some being hidden gems for eating out.
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Click on my photo after having read THIS article, for places I have visited in Amsterdam East, with a journalist of National Geographic Traveller; September 2022.



When we talk about typical eating out in Amsterdam, 3 things are on my mind:

1 – Indonesian food, because of our history and the quality of the food.

From this top-5 of Indonesian restaurants, I have been eating in Tashi Deleg and Sampurna  (And I have eaten there with satisfaction.) And I add an Indonesian food option on Java island. (Center-East)
Update November 2022: New Indonesian restaurant in Amsterdam-East. Called Purnama. In Javastraat. 1st Indonesian restaurant in the Indische Buurt.

An alternative, linked to our history, is Surinamese food; on the Waterside. (I had a good time over-there.) A hidden gem Surinamese option is to be found in Amsterdam East: Roopram. Do not expect any luxury, just expect good food!

2. – “Eetcafés” (Eatcafé). Eating in a cafe with limited choice, however fresh, cheap and from the heart.

One so-called eatcafé in the Red Light District at great location: A tip from my colleague Frank. (Not open on Mondays)
Another eatcafé is on the Singel, the most inner canal, above the “big 3” Herengracht – Keizersgracht – Prinsengracht.
It is called Singel 404. However this is for lunch and not for dinner.

An alternative along river Amsterdam (Amsterdam-East): Café Hesp

A (simpel however good)  eatcafé which I consider a hidden gem, is located and hidden behind the Amsterdam School Architecture Bridge and & former shipping head quarter. Hardly any tourist knows this place. Captein & Co. Another simpel taugh romantic one is located in one of Amsterdams’ oldest buildings. In Schreierstoren.

One in the famous Jordaan (A bit further from your Hotel): De Blaffende Vis. (famous place because of Queensday; see picture beneath)
I have eaten here a lot.

And finally an “eetcafé” in the Eastern Docklands. It is called Ocean. (Website is in Dutch)

Als onderdeel van de privé wandeling in de Jordaan Amsterdam komen we ook langs de Blaffende Vis. De Blaffende Vis in Amsterdam viert de 50e verjaardag van Wim-Lex en Lex van Buuren van Lex and the City fotografeert het op Koningsnacht.
Blaffende Vis during Queensday

3- We’ve got kitchens from all over the world, as in Amsterdam 181 nationalities live together.

The room where Manhattan was created - in the West-Indian House - hidden treasure of Amsterdam.
he West-Indian House with its fascinating historical room.

The contradiction here: The Netherlands hardly has a kitchen from its own, however Amsterdam has the whole world in the house concerning food.

An international good place is bar van Rijn on the Rembrandt-square, next to the statue of the famous painter. I have eaten well there with good service.

China Town (Red Light District,  Zeedijk+ Nieuwmarkt+ Gelderse Kade) houses great places for both Chinese and Vietnamese food.

Traditional Dutch food is to be found at Hap-Hmm. This place, nor far away from Vondelpark, is very authentic. For me it is like I walk into my Grand ma’s house.

Fancy eating along the IJ river: gead for Meneer Nieges.

Eating French fries on a market (while you walk): Vita’s Friet, a (red) stall on the very local Dappermarkt (East Amsterdam).

An eating out classic on the canals in Amsterdam is Spanjer & van Twist. (I liked it.)

Brasserie Nel is a playful place next to the Prince canal, which is suitable for eating with your children. It has got a great square, including “Pétanque (Jeu de Boules track), which is a populair French game in the Netherlands.

Chinese restaurant: Sea Palace, floating hotspot on the so-called Oosterdokseiland

Vietnamese food: it is a tip from one of our Lex and the City team members: Tomas. Little Saigon on the Zeedijk. He says: Here you eat Vietnamese streetfood as you do in the streets of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh.



4- Eating in and around the Vondelpark.

Vondelpark hotspot inline skatelessen

Me I like to go to the non-touristic sort of hidden gem Khorat Thai Restaurant, next to famous Vondelpark. cheap and goodIn Vondelpark itself, you might go to “No Rules”, Vondelpark 3.
Or the Vondetuin, which is to be found on the other side of the Vondelpark.
Indonesian restaurant near the parc: Blue Pepper.

Talk 2 you later, Lex, private tour guide in Amsterdam

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