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I invite you to join me on a discovery of Le Marais. :)

You want to have a cup of coffee first in order to chat with other members? :
It starts at ‘Les Artisants’ at 3PM.

Stariting at 4PM (exactly;) we will first discover ‘La Promenade Plantée’, the ancient railroad above ground in Paris in the green.
Then via La Place de la Bastille we will hit Le Marais.


I just wanted to thank you again for the ‘Marais-Tour’ -it was good fun and relaxed.

Lex, Thanks again, you did a great job with the tour of Le Marais today, I’m glad I came out!!

Also enjoyed it.  A good outing.

It was good to meet you over the weekend and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Keep in touch! 

Dear Lex, 

It was nice to meet you on Saturday. Thank you for your Marais walk, it was great. We had a really nice time and learned something new. 
Lets keep in touch and hopefully meet on future events!

See you!

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