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Skate•A•Round® Program

  • Skate-A-Round Gaudi Tour: discover the buildings of the famous Gaudi (architect of the Sagrada Familia) on skates! Incluyding skating along the boulevard and through the Olympic harbor;

  • Skating workshop in the harbour. (Which makes you an even better cityskater.)(Thursday)

  • The famous Friday Night Skate. (for all those who know how to brake;)

  • Skate-A-Round Beach Tour: a dayexcursion to trendy Sitges. (Saturday) Track + PICS

  • Additional: Does it seem fun to you to be a roadblocker (marshall) during the nightskate?
    That may be possible! Please let us know in the open field of our bookingsform.

  • Which level do you need to have?

  • You should know how to brake (while going downhill as well);

  • Our skate tours are not longer than 35 km;

  • You are used to skate at several surfaces;

  • Most participants are recreational or fitness skaters.

  • Stay•A•Round: Where will you stay?

    In Barcelona we will stay in a comfortable & clean two star hotel, with a good breakfast, near the beach and the Ramblas. Excellent location.

    It is called Hotel Auto Hogar. . We stayed there a few times since 2000. :-)

    Travel•A•Round: How do you get to Barcelona?

    We ask you to book your own flight, train or coach.

    We will provide you with a route description to the hotel.
    Make sure you arrive the first day in the hotel before 5PM.
    Leave @ sunday the 9th. :-)