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Meet recreational skaters and speedskaters from around the world in Amsterdam, 20-22 June 2008!

Skate the famous Friday Night Skate, enjoy our themed city tours and go check out our flat countryside.
Discover why the Vondelpark is one of Europe's most famous skate hotspots.
Enjoy Hollands' flat bicycle tracks, to be found virtually everywhere.

Members of the famous Amsterdam Friday Night Skate will accompany the tours.

Imagine the great energy which will occur during this weekend!

You don't skate altogether in a big pack. You don't have to skate with a large group of people, unless you want to. You can be more or less on your own, if you prefer, and do each skate at your own pace, stopping anywhere you want, for as long you want.

If you know how to brake, and you are pretty much used to some cityskating, than you can enjoy a fantastic long weekend on wheels.

Our inline adventure however is for recreational skaters and is not some kind of PRO activity. You have no obligations to participate in any activities.

The participants come from several countries. In 1998 we have started with holiday skating adventures, and people from more and more nations have joined us since.

Most come from Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK.

We hope skaters from skate nations as the US, Singapore, Argentina & Sweden will be present themselves to us in 2008!

You can also enjoy the culture, the beach, the nightlife, the lastest fashion, a fine kitchen and hopefully the sun.
Moreover you will have enough time to go out, go shopping or do your own tour.

Officially this is a skating trip, but without skates you can have a great time as well.
Do you want to join us by bike? That is possible.

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