Scooting around for Rembrandt    


Scoot-A-Round is an offspring of Skate-A-Round, founded some seven years ago. Skate-A-Round organizes 'sportive tours' for small groups on skates, steps (scooters) and bicycles around some of Europe's nicest cities, including, of course, Amsterdam. On connection with this being Rembrandt year in Holland, there is a new tour called scoot-around tour, the REMBRANDT TOUR, which takes you along various Rembrandt hot-spots such as the Rijksmuseum and the Rembrandthuis, but also for a drink on Rembrandt Square.
Sports, culture, history and getting a good work-out. You can't go wrong here. Enjoy!

Skate-A-Round, tel. 4681682.

(Bron: Rush)