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Lex van Buuren van Skate-A-Round en Lex and the City legt uit hoe je streetwise wordt op inline skates in de city.
Skate-A-Round teacher on one of the many “red skate slopes” in Amsterdam. Quiet now and superb and safe for inline skating.

Skate-A-Round microblog (May 18th, 2020)
In the Netherlands the skate situation is different as we have a so-called light lockdown.

As fitness schools are temporarily closed and everybody may go out (keeping distance), skating is in it’s 3rd craze in history. (1st by the end of the 70’s with rollerskating, the 2nd craze was by the end of the nineties, and it marked the beginning of the nightskate culture.)

Already weeks ago sales of skates surpassed 100.000 pairs. Skateshops do have lines all day. It is crazy.
Skate-A-Round lessons in AMS are limited to 1-2 persons and early in the morning when it is still quiet in the public parks. (distance, double safe)

The picture shows one of the many “red skate slopes” of Amsterdam.


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