Quadrilingual private local skate guide and organizer for Amsterdam and above, including Texel, Friesland, and the world’s single biggest flower bulb field.
Skate•A•Round tailor-made tours, excursions and workshops in Amsterdam and above the capital.


Custom experience Amsterdam and above: We are (F)lexy and we know it.

On August 24 2021, Skate•A•Round have celebrated 24 years “Lexistance“. (24 hours long)


Skate•A•Round 1:
Skating instructor and local guide Amsterdam (and above) combined: private skate tours with mini workshops. 

Being both skate teacher AND local private guide in Amsterdam (and above) I combine these 2 skills in entertaining and educational sightseeing skate tours.

Noorderpark; hidden skate gem

The skating tours take place in the city of Amsterdam, in it’s countryside (Like Waterland, to the beach, or to Zaanse Schans), around the tulip fields above Alkmaar (in Spring), on Texel and even in Friesland if you would like the taste of the eleven cities history. 

So I teach you advanced skating techniques, and during the same skate tour I show you the city.
Lower price during the Corona crisis: EUR 135,-. (max. 2 persons,  appr. 5 hours.) Daytrip:  EUR 200,-

Excluding rentals, train/bus, drinks and lunch. Including the new entertainment local city tax.
I have drawn a map of one of the private skate tour + workshops.

Skating the hidden gems of Amsterdam in the (2021) winter time with rain wheels and bearings:


Review Skate•A•Round hidden gems of Amsterdam tour (and pictures; tnx. :))

So in this case Skate•A•Round is private guide Amsterdam AND private skate teacher

The do-it-yourself Hidden gems of Amsterdam skate track, made by Skate•A•Round, brand of Lex and the City.


Skate•A•Round not just skates on tracks with people, it hàs one too. ;)

Skate-A-Round has been organizing skate tours and skate holidays since 1998. With thousands of inline skaters we have discovered Paris, Barcelona, London, Berlin, New York, The French Riviera, Denmark, Switzerland and the Netherlands on inline skates. :)

Pictures and videoclips of Skate•A•Round, including skate & sail.

Speed, fitness and recreational skaters from around the world on the water and on wheels!
Skate-A-Round & Sail-A-Round in the Netherlands; a skate holiday in flow. :)

Skate•A•Round 2: 4 seasons Private inline skating instructor Amsterdam with skate fitness, posture, streetwise, freestyle and braking

During the Corona crisis: 7 days – 7 10 city spots – 7 brake skills in AMS – Skate fitness – Streetwise – Freestyle.

Lexperience” a private inline skating lesson in Amsterdam with Skate-A-Round. In Vondelpark or Oosterpark. (Or in one of the other 8 skate spots in Amsterdam with smooth surface.)

Scissors; important skate move to master. :) – Click on the skates of the instructor for Google page reviews.

Finally learn how to break well on inline-skates. And/or learn the basics how to move, to rotate, to turn, to speed up on your skates…(even how to jump, if you wish.)

Skate•A•Round has been the leading brand in inline skating since 1998. Not just for lessons, for all kind of so-called “inline adventures”. Thousands of skaters have joined on our tours, skate holidays and skate clinics, from more than 10 different countries.

Skating instructor Lex van Buuren has been busy full time with roller blading during a periode of 12 years. After that the number of inline skaters decreased and he has transformed himself into a sportive guide in Amsterdam (and Paris)

Before your skating class with me, Lex, you might view some clips from the Youtube channel from Skatefresh Asha.
(I am her local guide in Amsterdam.)

Now, during the Corona crisis, skating has become big again. 

Taking into account safety I teach inline skating for one – two persons (or one couple, one parent-child every day. And only when the park (or parking) is quiet.
7 days a week, and possible in 7 10 different parks in Amsterdam and 7 different braking techniques are possible.

Details of the skate lessons in Amsterdam

Private skate tours and roller blading lessons in Amsterdam. Contact Lex van Buuren * +31655337726 * lexperiences@lexandthecity.nl

Write a brief skate review; as we have just made a Skate-A-Round Google Business page, seperate from the Lex and the City one.


New: Private inline skating lessons in autumn and winter time in Amsterdam next to river IJ  – Under the roof of EYE filmmuseum

Scenic hotspot in North. Corona proof.
Press the roof of EYE for more information about the “protected” private skate lessons.


Free online skate tips on the Skate•A•Round Facebook page. Subjects: braking , streetwise, freestyle skating and speed-skating.

Become a fan of Skate-A-Round on Facebook and do not miss the online skate advice:

Skate courier during Corona Crisis is not well paid, however it makes you fitter, happy, in touch with a lot of people, and…I can skate.. a lot! :)

Skate•A•Round 3: courier Amsterdam during Corona crisis.

Climate neutral delivery boy on inline skates in Amsterdam while the Coronavirus crisis lasts.







Skate tracks Amsterdam to roll on your own, created by fans of Friday Night Skate over the years

Over the years inline skaters, participating at Friday Night Skate, have uploaded their Amsterdam skate tracks. This is a hobby page.
This self-do skate-route webpage from the widely known FNS group-skate contains tracks within town and in the countryside. Like Waterland, direction beach, IJburg and so on. You find small distances and long ones.
Most of them are updated quite a long time ago.

Sweet memories

We have been to the opening of the Oresund bridge with 140 sporty people from all over the Netherlands and then we have made small-scale tours in Copenhagen the day after with locals.

Other private guiding roles in Amsterdam

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